RUMS play it the right way

RUMS Football Club has been awarded the Wilkinson Sword AFA Fair Play trophy.

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RUMS Football Club has been awarded the Wilkinson Sword AFA Fair Play trophy, having an exceptional disciplinary record last year, the best in the country.



According to the AFA 7,000 referees leave the game every year, as a result of the abuse that they receive, both on the pitch and from the side-lines.



98% of referees have been verbally abused, and 27% have been physically abused. So with the state of the national sport as it is, the award really is an exceptional achievement for RUMS FC and they can take pride in being the flag bearers of respect.



RUMS FC, however, have obviously targeted ‘fair play’ as a priority. President Michael Webb:



“I would personally like to thank each and every player from all four RUMS FC teams for their ceaseless commitment and desire to represent the club in the fairest possible manner. We will use this national award to build on our reputation as a highly respected club, not just within the familiar ULU leagues, but the entire country, and continue our footballing development and endeavour to once again become the most successful club in ULU and UH.”



RUMS football President’s day will take place at Shenley on Sunday 22nd April, where the AFA will be presenting the trophy to the club.