Five Reasons to Never go Home.

Staying at UCL over Easter is an easier, more fun and significantly more productive way of spending your holiday. The Buzz charts the top five reasons why.

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Are you still at UCL? Have you resisted the desperate calls from Mother and Father? If so, congratulations. You’ve made the right decision. Staying at UCL over Easter is an easier, more fun and significantly more productive way of spending your holiday. The Buzz charts the top five reasons why.

Enjoy a transformed UCL…

We all know UCL has a space problem. It’s pretty much all the management go on about and it’s a constant excuse for our cramped meeting spots. During Easter, however, such concerns evaporate like Bunny’s over a hill.

Take a casual stroll down South Junction and walk through those double doors freely and without infringement of personal space; grab a quick coffee at the Print Room Café without a hint of a queue; wander through South Cloisters without any form of Latin dance rehearsal taking place. The possibilities are endless!


Less temptation to gorge…

So, you’ve decided to stay at UCL over Easter. It will soon dawn on Easter Sunday that something is missing; that brown, sickly sucrose is not in your salivating mouth. What do to? While for years parents would purchase you at least 5 eggs, now you have to buy your own. Or do you?

Staying up at UCL is a perfect excuse to avoid chocolate all holiday. First, the cost is prohibitive. We’re not suggesting that a Lindt Egg isn’t worth £35 pounds, rather that the money could be better spent elsewhere. On Whiskey, for example.

Secondly, chocolate isn’t particularly good for you. It makes mouths clog up, and it gives people spots. Just avoid it.


A chance to do all those things you never do during term-time

We all knew the hopeful feeling just before the start of the year, the belief that you would seize the moment and make the most of living in one of the finest cities on the planet! 20 weeks later, 20 visits to Roxy later and 20 completely wasted weekends later and you’ve done absolutely sod-all outside of Bloomsbury.


Well, the heavenly four weeks of Easter is your chance. Catch ‘The Recruiting Officer’ at the Donmar Warehouse, the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts or go for a Prohibition-style drink at Bourne and Hollingsworth. Heck, go to the Huntley for a change. 


Avoid family gatherings

Who wants to sit through horrific conversations with elderly family members that have absolutely no clue (or interest) in your life? Worse, who wants discuss future careers prospects with that ignorant second-cousin who seems to believe studying Chemistry leads solely to being a Chemist, and English leads… Well, we won’t mention the ‘T’ word.


Do some work. But seriously. 

A brutal fact of UCL is that our exams finish before most other universities’ begin. Not a bad thing for those Nepal-bound travellers who want five months off but a bit of a shock to the system nonetheless. After two terms of doing bugger all, suddenly we have to take exams that are worth anything between 75-100%. It’s such an upsetting situation.


Easter is a perfect opportunity, therefore, to get some work done. Take advantage of the quiet library, the empty cluster rooms and the plentiful books, and study like crazy for four weeks before destroying those exams and riding off into the sunset on a Nepalese goat. Superb.