DEAR DAISY: The Buzz’s Answer to all your Problems

My boyfriend likes to use condiments in the bedroom. Is he hungry or is this normal?

Agony Aunt Dear Daisy

Dear Daisy,

My boyfriend likes to use condiments in the bedroom. Ketchup, mayo, soy, the lot. I worry that he doesn’t like to kiss me but just really likes the taste of condiments. Is he hungry or is this normal?

Dear Anxious Girlfriend,

Fetishes are often pretty normal in the bedroom, and maybe your boyfriend just has a really bizarre turn-on. If you are not a ketchup/mayo/soy lover, suggest something you like (whipped cream) or involve some actual food – I bet soy sauce would be more appetizing if there was some sushi involved. Or take him for a massive slap up meal before you next do the deed: a speedy way to find out if it’s his stomach speaking or if he's actually a bit of a weirdo.

Dear Daisy,

I’m a single 22-year-old male doing my masters at UCL. I’ve never had a proper relationship and I although I’m no model in the looks department, I do consider myself relatively attractive. Is there something wrong with me? Am I dressing wrong or is it my shit chat?

Dear Singleton,

Not having had a girlfriend does not necessarily mean that there’s anything wrong with you. I stress necessarily. Short of an interview in person, I can’t make a call on your clothes/chat, so ask a good-looking and 'involved' male friend what he thinks. If he says it’s the visual aspect, splash your student loan on a new wardrobe and start hanging out in the gym. It may put a dent in the cash flow but once the body is coming along you might find the chat won’t be a concern.

Dear Daisy,

My friends have started calling me an EPOC but I don't know what that means! Can you shed any light on this for me?

Dear EPOC,

I’m afraid to inform you that EPOC stands for Easy Pull On Campus in university lingo. If it’s your friends calling you that, get new friends. Or come up with your own cutting acronyms for them. If it isn’t your mates, keep the knickers firmly on for a while.