Gender Equality…Are we there yet?

Tux Tucker muses on Gender Equality

Gender Equality

A father and his son get into a horrible car crash; the father is killed instantly and the son is severely injured. The boy is rushed into surgery, where the surgeon says: “I can’t operate on this child, he is my son”. What relation is the surgeon to the boy?


Gender equality is something we all want. So why am I paying the full bill on a date? Why can’t girls admit they masturbate? The trouble with gender equality is knowing where to draw the line. It’s knowing what is fair and what is going too far.

If I were to get with 6 girls in the same night (no, I haven’t and no, it’s not for wont of trying) then I would come off as a hero. Yet if one of my “girl” friends were to do it, then she would be a filthy slut and a whore. Or something similarly extreme and disproportionate. A skank, for example. I don't seem to hear that word so much anymore. Good word. Anyways, should a girl be embarrassed to buy a drink for a guy she likes? Or to ask him out? Should a guy feel emasculated if his fiancée proposes to him? Why does a girl take a man’s last name when they’re wed? Is this why marriage is becoming less common? Probably, but that’s a separate issue entirely. Is it wrong for women to enjoy sex as much as men? Why should a guy feel any less of a man if the girl he’s seeing has slept with more people than he has? Why is it such a big deal if it is the woman who wears the trousers in a relationship?

Alright ladies, that's all fair enough- but it’s a two way street! Why is a woman’s entry to certain clubs free, while all men must pay £20 to get in? Why is it “ladies first”? Why is it the man’s job to get the logs for the fire or take out the rubbish? Gender equality is more than just getting paternity leave! Some of my friends have confessed that after university, they want to become housewives. Well what about the househusbands?

Oh right, my riddle? Obviously it was the biological father, or the gay adopted father, or the boy’s local vicar who is also a surgeon. The one answer is certainly couldn’t be, is that the surgeon was his mother. Guys, if you didn’t get it, for shame! Girls if you didn’t get it, well, therein lies the greatest obstacle to gender equality.


The truth is that gender equality can only ever truly and completely happen when women believe that they are equal to men. Physically, men might be stronger, but that’s pretty much where the buck stops.


And next time you see a female bus driver or a female farmer, try not to look twice.