Candidate Poster Defaced with Nazi Graffiti

Posters from UCLU Election 2012 candidate found graffitied with Nazi symbols


Two posters from Daniel Bowman’s campaign for UCLU Community Officer have been found defaced with swastikas. 

One of the posters was discovered in the lifts of the SSEES buildings on Monday morning, the other in a bin outside SSEES on Tuesday afternoon. The swastikas were drawn over Bowman's face.

On the poster, Bowman had listed his credentials, including his time spent as Education Officer of the UCL Jewish Society.

One SSEES student said that he was “absolutely repulsed” by what he called “blatant acts of virulent anti Semitism which one would have thought had been consigned to the dustbin of history.”

When approached, Daniel Bowman told The Buzz:

“It's obviously quite shocking that I was targeted by anti-Semitic abuse simply because I'm Jewish. It makes you feel unsafe and it's really disheartening that it could be done by UCL students, when the university markets itself as being such a cosmopolitan and intellectual place.

Bowman also questioned whether Jewish students would feel that they “would have to hide who they are” if they ran for UCLU positions.

“I think it's really sad and I hope that things are done to protect Jewish students from feeling threatened in future.”

The UCLU Democracy and Communications Officer, James Skuse, told The Buzz  that the Union"will be looking into how this has happened. We want UCL to be a safe environment for all students."