Water Thing to Do

Former halls residents have been sneaking back into their residences for showers- The Buzz investigates.


There’s a few things you might miss about living in halls but for most people the communal shower rooms isn’t one of them. For some though, they seem to be a luxury that private accommodation just can’t offer and they’re determined not to miss out- despite not actually living in halls any more.

A small number of students are currently sneaking back into their old halls- specifically John Tovell House on Gower Street.

One student who was a resident in John Tovell House two years ago told The Buzz that he used the showers there “just the other day” simply by waiting outside and then following another resident inside.

He also revealed that he is far from alone in this- with many other students (and, perhaps, non-students) taking advantage of the bathroom facilities.

Perhaps more worrying is the fact that some students don’t even have to wait around outside, with one former resident saying that “there was some key cutting when I was there”.

It seems odd that people want to sneak back into halls for showers but on a more serious level there are definite security and safety concerns– something which is surely unnerving for the current residents of John Tovell House.