Dear Daisy: The Buzz’s Agony Aunt in Residence

DEAR DAISY: The Buzz’s Answer to all your Problems. Got a tricky situation? Unsure of who to ask? Email DAISY at [email protected].

Agony Aunt Dear Daisy

DEAR DAISY: The Buzz’s Answer to all your Problems.
Got a tricky situation? Unsure of who to ask? Email DAISY at [email protected].


Dear Daisy,

I keep seeing this guy outside my labs on Tuesday. We’ve been a bit flirty and I think there’s some real chemistry. But I’ve discovered he studies Italian. Should I drop this now before we get too involved or is it really possible for a medic and a non-medic to be compatible?

Dear Medic,

I could try and put this more subtly, but that’s not my style. If you like him, grab life (and him) by the balls and go for it. Don’t miss what could be an amazing opportunity by doing the ‘girl thing’ and over-analyzing the situation before anything's really happened. What you study shouldn’t be an issue- enjoy being the doctor and he can be your patient.

Dear Daisy,

I can’t stop talking about How Lashed I Got Last Night. I go to Moonies on Monday, White Heat Tuesdays, Wednesdays Sports Night, the Union on Thursday, Friday Ministry of Sound, etc. As a result of such a varied and interesting schedule, I have developed this terrible tic where the only topic of conversation I can sustain is the one about How Lashed I Got Last Night. If I keep this up, I might have no friends left to go to Moonies/JoJos/Roxy/Union etc. with. (It’s also affecting my finances and liver function but I’m less worried about these.)

Dear Party Animal,

I must first congratulate you for living the ‘true UCL experience’. But surely you must have some sort of life outside getting utterly obliterated every single evening of the week? If not, I suggest you join a society. You’ll be getting further involved in UCL’s buzzing social scene and will find a new bunch of society friends to get smashed with. If this fails, at least you’ll have an interest outside of snakebites and WKD. And regarding your liver, it’s probably too late. Best not to think about it.

Dear Daisy,

As a student on a tight budget, I’m trying to make some cutbacks. What’s more important- fair-trade coffee or free-range eggs? I’ve already sacrificed fresh milk to UHT.

Dear Penny Pincher,

I must say that it is very admirable to see a student pondering these modern-day moral minefields. But let’s be honest- as a student, what do you need more: Caffeine or omelette? I’ll take an educated guess and say that you’ll more likely be craving an Americano in the morning over scrambled eggs. So one option is to cut the free-range entirely and keep the fair-trade coffee. Try Shreddies for breakfast.