MODO gets the Fashion Week gold

Does the MODO society have what it takes to rule the runway? Georgina Rutherford presents highlights from the OLYMPIA 2012 MODO fashion show.

Fashion Week MODO Rebecca Taylor ucl

You have got to hand it to the UCL MODO society: they’ve done pretty damn well. On account of choosing to run their OLYMPIA fashion show just after New York and London fashion weeks, and just before Milan and Paris…they had some rather large Prada pumps to fill. However, against all odds, the talent shone through, and as President of the MODO society Kirsten Shastri was proud to express, the show was “one of a kind”.

Ahead of the London Olympics, UCL students from non-artistic backgrounds pursued the sporting theme, many using patriotic colour schemes, gold accents, ribbons and sportswear to get this across, however, here at The Buzz we found those who shied away from the predictable most striking. In fact, we noticed an array of Fashion Week-inspired pieces, proving to the fashion world that MODO have most definitely got their heads in the game.

Aminat Omtosho (image 1/5) married ladylike elegance with dark glamour in merging a navy midi-length skirt with a high-neck, black sheer top. Similarly, Rebecca Taylor’s Ready-To-Wear Autumn/Winter 2012-13 show at New York Fashion Week presented black and navy as a winning combination to work for both day and night.

Badia Al-Hussien (left of image 2/5) proved the power of pastels in combining a powder blue shift dress with lilac feathers and nude shoes, whilst Rosie Willatt (centre of image 2) integrated stripes with her pastels in fun and flirty separates. Although perhaps not as wacky, the MODO pieces show similarities to the Meadham Kirchoff Autumn/Winter 2012-13 collection shown at London Fashion Week, proving pastels will most definitely be here to stay this year.

Nyrin Jahangir (image 3/5) showed everyone how Olympic-chic is done in this shiny ensemble, embracing the metallic trend with a floor-length cutaway gown. Likewise, Badgley Mischka seemed as taken with metallics and structured cutouts at New York Fashion Week. Can you say bang on trend or what?

There’s nothing like a bit of gothic glamour, and Shabnam Naomi Spiers (image 4/5) nailed this trend in combining black undergarments with a sheer, lace-accented gown. Milan Fashion Week saw Alberta Ferretti also embracing the lace for Autumn/Winter 2012-3. Shabnam’s risqué sophistication wins it for us (not to mention she got there first!).

For the men, Julja Bainiaksina (image 5/5) demonstrated the reliability of the knitted jumper, accessorising her design with a sporty pair of gloves. In similar fashion, Christopher Shannon at New York Fashion Week paired his knit with chunky gloves. Take that, Shannon!

So as you can see, these girls aren’t playing around. Valiant and courageous, they were going for gold and were most definitely victorious. 2012 staged designs of an Olympic standard, some nailing trends before they had even hit the runway. All we can say is, the UCL MODO fashion show is one not to miss next year. Take note, Wintour.

All photos from or own.