Corruption in Tory Soc?

The Buzz reports exclusively on disquiet in the Tory society.


Today The Buzz can exclusively reveal disquiet in the UCLU Conservative Society over a perceived takeover by the Economics and Finance Society (EFS), the largest society at UCL.

The EFS is known as one of the best funded student societies whose sponsors include the big names of caring capitalism, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley.

But on the eve of their Annual General Meeting, they are being accused of attempting to stage a covert takeover of the Conservative Society.

There is disquiet among some Tories that Adam Memon, Vice President of the EFS, is standing for the position of President despite having only become a member of the Society this year.

In recent days there has been an influx of EFS members joining the society, with some Tories furious as they believe it is intended to allow the rise of Memon to President. If he does win, it will be the first time in memory that a President has not held a previous position on the Committee.

One member, who has been in the Society for 3 years, said, “This just smacks of a takeover. Why the sudden interest of all these bankers? We’re the oldest Conservative Association in the country and need to maintain our independence.”

One thing is for sure, if Memon wins and does implement radical changes, then some Tories will be blue in the face.