Moonies with a Buzz twist

Tonight all roads, paths, bar crawls and drunken staggering will lead to the traditional Monday night refuge of Moonies, but this time with a special Buzz twist.

buzz Moonies ucl

To mark our launch, The Buzz is taking over the infamous Soho club and it certainly promises to be a great night. With Buzz photographers on hand, amorous antics of UCL clubbers, no doubt fuelled by £1.50 shots and spirits galore, will be captured in all their glory and ready for name-and-shame Facebook tags on Tuesday morning.

Having already enjoyed a successful first week with our exclusive Jailbreak coverage, The Buzz is continuing the current theme of adventure by going to a place no Pi reporter has ever been before and promoting our publication under the fluorescent lights of Moonies.

Buzz stickers will be flying around the packed dance floor, tagging the fittest and funniest clubbers our reporters can find with the Buzz logo and attempting to add to the inevitable mayhem.

So forget about that lab report or essay reading for a few hours (9.30-03.00 with inevitable consequences for Tuesday morning), head down to Soho, look out for the Buzz reporters and stickers and, in traditional UCL style, start downing the cheap jet fuel that is the Moonies vodka shot and be grateful we’re not launching at Mahiki.