Jailbreak- The Results!

Time is up in Jailbreak, but who made it furthest from UCL?

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36 hours ago teams left the quad, excitement in the air but who got furthest away from UCL in Jailbreak 2012?

In a mad rush against time and with no money at hand to help them on their way, the intrepid band of jailbreakers have ended up in far flung corners of Europe in what was an incredibly tight finish.

Two teams, “Rufus and Kevin” and “The Rocket Scientists”, have made it as far as Budapest, 901 miles from the Quad in a massive effort to get to eastern Europe.

“Long Way To Go” however have gone further and  they’ve just about beaten the heroes in Hungary, clocking up a whopping 902 miles. They were still going right up to the final whistle as they neared Belarus and it appears they’ve stopped in Warsaw.

But despite their distances traveled nobody can quite beat “The Vegetarians” who have made it all the way to Alicante– 910 miles from UCL. Whilst the others slowly freeze in eastern Europe it looks like they’re enjoying themselves on the Mediterranean.

Results are still provisional however, and won’t be confirmed for another week. Here at The Buzz we will keep you updated when we find out the true winners of Jailbreak 2012.


End of the road 


And what of the teams we’ve been following? Team Gower Street have finished in Belgium, having made every effort possible to get into Germany.

A foray into the Belgian countryside didn’t work and even though they managed first class train seats back to Brussels. They hope to spend the night in Liege and then head to Germany in the morning to start their journey back home.

Team VAJ meanwhile were still going as 9pm approached and when they last made contact with The Buzz were on a high speed train to Berlin from Hannover.

Their adventures included a run in with the Russian mafia (“selfish bastards” as Team VAJ put it) and a lift in a car with a driver playing “Albanian gangsta club classics”. They assured us that it was a fantastic genre and they’ll be listening more often.

Don’t forget to keep checking out The Buzz over the next week as we bring you the final results and all the reactions from Jailbreak 2012 including interviews with some of UCL’s intrepid explorers. So far the total money raised stands at £16,000. Success? We think so!