The Buzz does Jailbreak: Live 2012

The Buzz will be following two Jailbreak 2012 teams regularly updating their progress during the next 36 hours!

Jailbreak 2012

How far will they get? Who will they meet along the way? Did we back the winning team? Or the only team to not get past Slough?

Only time will tell. Check in regularly to stay up to date with Team VAJ and Gower Street’s Most Wanted! 

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8.10pm- Team Gower Street hoping to spend the night in Liege having hit a bit of a dead end with trains to Germany. Looks like it's final destination Belgium for them. We're also hearing reports that there are two teams in Budapest and one in eastern Poland. How on earth did they manage that? Well done!

7.15pm– Team VAJ have reported that they've finally got around to drinking a massive bottle of Russian lemonade that was kindly donated during their time hanging around a petrol station earlier. Apparently it's very good- they need something to keep them going after going so long without sleep it could probably be termed an abuse of human rights. If they weren't doing it voluntarily for charity of course. Which is sort of the point.

6.45 pm- Team VAJ are on the high speed ICE to Berlin. The team they met at the station left 4 minutes before them but aren't on the ICE. Oh the drama? Will they make it to Berlin before time runs out?

6.37pm– Team VAJ are now at Hannover train station and have spotted another team who they were on the ferry to Dunkirk with. Small world- Europe must be wondering what on earth is going on.

6.01 pm– Team Gower Street meanwhile had success at Antwerp train station and not only managed to get on a train to Brussels but managed to get into first class. It's not ending there though, they're going to try and make it somewhere else before the day is done. If not at least the beer is good.

5.58 pm: Team VAJ are making an attempt at "Russian" across Germany but weren't given any help by the Russian Mafia- who refused them a lift in their Maybach. Not sure if that would have been a wise move anyway guys…

5.02 pm: Team VAJ are wondering what's with all the bad places in Germany. They've just passed Bad Hanndorf and Bad Munder. Do good versions exist they ask? I don't know but I do know that I'd want to stay well away from Bad London. And you thought the Tube couldn't get any worse… 

4.50 pm: Team Gower Street are now on their way back to Antwerp to try the train station. It's getting "bloody cold" in Belgium apparently. Maybe look for scarf and hat donations as well as just a lift?

4.48 pm: Team VAJ want me to inform you that contrary to what I said below they're loving the Balkan tunes they're listening to. "Awesome pumping Albanian gansta club classics" are apparently fantastic. I'll be sure to check them out later on Spotify.

4.26 pm: Team VAJ- Thing have picked up. Half an hour ago it was all doom and gloom but they're now on their way to Hannover in a brand new Audi, complete with leather seats. If they weren't listening to Balkan music I'd be saying that some people have all the luck…

3.54pm: Team VAJ- Now 150km outside Hannover where it's getting dark and cold. No Germans to be found apparently (at least not any willing to give lifts). "Would give anything for a bed and a pint right now" they inform us. Still a few hours to go before then!

3.46 pm: Team Gower Street have managed to defeat the evils of the dodgy mobile signal and are back in touch. They're currently on a motorway just outside Antwerp trying to 'brussel' (so good we did it twice) a lift to Cologne. 

3.22pm: Dodgy signal from our jailbreakers in mainland Europe means updates are scarce at present! Will update you as and when.

1.54 pm: Signal must be down in Belgium, so still trying to 'brussel' a response from our Gower Street team.. No..?

1:52 pm: Team VAJ: The good samaritans of Ofbrauhausen petrol station are taking us in the right direction, possibly past Hannover and closer to Berlin. The guys have an awesome search and rescue van.

1.03 pm: Team VAJ: We are in a car, lets see where we end up! But ergh we want bed. It's probably unnatural for someone to spend so much time at petrol stations.

12:19 pm: Team Gower St: Hitched a ride to Ghent with some hot soccer mom listening to weird swedish electro music. After that, Antwerp hopefully!

12:14 pm: Team VAJ: We are stuck in another station in Germany, despairing again, Trying to get another ride to anywhere..


10:51am: Team Gower St: Passing through the battlefields in Flanders, by the Belgium border. Learn a history lesson every day…

10:22am: Team VAJ: Got a ride to a busy gas sation with the coolest guy ever in a mercedes. Assel blagged 20 sandwichs so we wont spend a penny again on food. We are dead without her.

10:19am: Team Gower St: Still working on our game plan for getting out of rural Belgium

9:41am: Team VAJ: The German merc driver offered to leave his route to drop us right on the autobahn to save us time going to Berlin. Now we're stuck in a traffic jam. He's going to be late for his appointment…Feeling slightly guilty

9:37am: Team Gower St: I can see the French coast, praise be to jebus!

9:07am: Team VAJ: We've got a lift to Frankfurt. South not north but still east and it's a much bigger place with many more people so better chance of a ride or train. This weekend is an emotional rollercoaster! 

8:39am: Team VAJ: Still in Aachen Germany. Its cold and wet, with some feeling the strain more than others. We're signing for Hannover and Berlin. Nows the time I wish I spoke German

8:02am: Team Gower St: Met an old couple, charmed our way to Belgium, and I didnt even have to get out my banana… costume

3:38am: Team VAJ: A hatchback stinking of weed with 7 guys about 25 years old told us to get in their boot. We respectfully declined.

1:56am: Team VAJ: Liege is dead right now, we can't catch a ride, walking around some ghettos, people giving us creep looks, why did I pretend to be a badass and not get a rapealarm?!

11:58pm: Team VAJ: Close encounter with ticket inspector. He threatened to throw us off and fine us. We persuaded him otherwise. Still to Liege!

11:32pm: Team VAJ: Now I get what voulez vous coucher avec moi actually means, I quit, sorry, the French have finally won something – me. James got an ugly rejection by an even uglier girl.

10:32pm: Team VAJ: Rave at the petrol station! Michael Calfan's 'Resurrection Axwell Recut' blasting out speakers on the pumps. Proper mixing between songs too! Now to Aachen.

10:15pm: Team VAJ: Dropped of at a petrol station near Ghent, Belgium. Had a Belgian beer. Picked up by the first Belgium couple we asked, now again heading to Brussels.

8:28pm: Team VAJ: Listening to YMCA but it doesn't matter cos we're in France! Val met some Bulgarians on the ferry. Btw if you have any challenges let us know! (comment!)

8:19pm: Team Gower St: Ok we're calling it a day, sleeping at the arrivals lounge at the port. Much love.

6:56pm: Team VAJ: People are nice! Assel managed to get us 3 full meals with drinks worth 30 quid. Thanks dfds (i think) seaways

6:34pm: Team VAJ: We got chatting to a cool girl in the ferry shop. Took some photos, she loved the pig! She wanted the raise2give's ad to track our progress and donate! Can't blag free food tho too many jailbreakers.

6:32pm: Team Gower St: 'Any luck?' 'I wish.'

5:25pm: Team VAJ: We've managed to get a ride to France. Ferry for dunkirk leaves at 6 arrives at 9 local time. May stay with our driver for a bit, depends who we meet on the ferry!

5.23pm: Team Gower St: Currently despairing the state of humanity and looking for a new place to wait.

4.25pm: Team VAJ: Apologies for vals angry texting, we are in a car!! Best day of our lives, thanks nice polish guy and good taste in music!

4.16pm: Team Gower St: Nikhil vows not to return to the uni until we've set foot on french soil.

3.58pm: Team VAJ: Hitchhiking in Dover is a bitch, so many apathetic people staring at us and laughing… Desperate times call for desperate measures, thus we lose the clothes.

3.17pm: Team Gower St: The nip of whiskey helped brace us for the ball-aching frustration of waiting for a lift.

2.50pm: Team Gower St: We've concluded that English people are arseholes. Waiting for a lift in Dover.

2.40pm: Team VAJ: In Dover. What's with all these bloody hitch hikers?

1.30pm: Team VAJ: still en route to Dover. One ticket inspector let us carry on but warned about others. Killing the time talking about sex, drink and Borat. 

1.10pm: Team Gower St Most Wanted: On the train to Dover with a porky pig and a wally. Adam has officially got a date. Just negotiated with the ticket inspector, nervous times… 

12.59pm: Team Gower St: Moving interminably slowly on the way to Dover. Nikhil is reading some appropriately pretentious book.

12.24pm: Team VAJ: Dover bound!

12.20pm: Team VAJ: We've found the other Buzz Team! Small World. 

Buzz Team: The Romans were wrong,  all roads lead to Dover apparently. 

12.06pm: Gower Street's Most Wanted: List of Challenges:

1 point kiss a bald man on the head, 2 points a free drink, 3 points a free meal, 4 points – score a date (completed awww yeah), 5 points for each different form of transport, 6 points for each country, 7 points -driving a stranger's car, 8 points – tebowing go front of a wonder of Europe, 9 points for each person you convince to leave their job and join you, 10 points for pretending you actually broke out of jail. 

11.56am: Buzz Team: They have a set of challenges apparently. Mystery solved. Got a good challenge? Post it as a comment and we'll pass it onto Gower Street's Most Wanted! 

11.48am: Team Gower St: Just managed to the the phone number of a lovely girl called Sophie. Challenge accepted. 

Buzz Team: …What challenge? Shagging your way to the continent? 

11.39am Buzz Team: why does everyone go to Dover? 

11.38 am: Team VAJ: Little victory. We've been let on a train to London Bridge, then we'll jump on another to Dover. Trying to evade the ticket man Bulgaria style!

11.05am: Team VAJ: Can't get anywhere coz of company insurance. Can't wait to hitch to mainland Europe! 

10.48am: Team Gower St would like us to add that they "charmed the female platform manager to devastating effect." Lads. 

10.41am: Team Gower St: Nikhil used puppy dog eyes to get us on a train to London Bridge. Hopefully we can get on a train to dover from there. 

10.33am Team VAJL Bus driver is trying to blag us a lift with manager!

10.32am: Team VAJ: Crazy time trying to get out of london. Trains said no. 

10.20am: Team Gower St: Train companies are being very reluctant to let us on. And Nikhil shaved and everything!

9.41am Team Gower St: At Victoria station now after blagging a tube ride from the failure that was St Pancras station. Also it turns out that banana suits are not suitable for running. Who knew?

9.14am Team VAJ: Already on a bus to VICTORIA! Thank You Mr Bus Man!

9.05 am and they’re off! Jailbreak competitors tear out of the Quad and into the unknown!