“Go directly to Jail; Do not collect £200”

“By any means possible get as far away from UCL as you can in 36 hours, and don’t spend a single penny in doing so”. These words would be enough to ignite sheer elation within the souls of most of us overworked students, but for the lucky Jailbreak participants this year they have become a reality.

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For only the second time in UCLU history, students will be travelling as far as they can, racking up points for completing various tasks and spending only the currency of kindness. They can only accept free rides, train tickets or other donated modes of transportation, and are being sponsored with all proceeds going to Great Ormond Street Hospital and UCLU charity Body and Soul.

This year, UCLU & RUMS RAG Society has teamed up with Apple and Beach Break Live. Apple has provided two MacBook airs so that the organisers can keep track of everyone’s movements during jailbreak. This deal was secured by the society’s Corporate Liason Thomas Curtress.

RAG Society use a company called raise2give, who tally up all the money raised through sponsorship. Raise2give was developed by Bournemouth University student Lauren Ellis; it also facilitates the SMS tracking system used to keep tabs on everyone taking part.

With hopes of raising more than £12,000, RAG soc would like to make a lasting impact on GOSH. “Ideally we’d like to purchase some medical equipment for the hospital that will come in useful for years to come” says Dominic Putt, the society’s president.

Team of three, the Cereal Killers, have hopes of getting further than most. “We’d love to find our way back home to Malaysia, but ultimately we’re doing this for the fun of it. It’s not everyday you get the chance to go wherever the wind takes you”, Joanne told me. Joanne Ting Chu En, Gurpreet Khera and Tharman Jeyaindran are amongst the many teams hoping to raise money for a great cause. You can donate by visiting the raise2give website (https://www.raise2give.com/rag-jailbreak-2012/) and searching for the team you wish to support.