The Roxy to close?

There are certain things in life that are a given as a UCL student, including mid-week debauchery at The Roxy. With rumours of a possible closure, The Buzz sets the record straight.

The Roxy ucl

Thursday mornings are traditionally dedicated to nursing one mass, communal hangover that affects the student body one way or another, but is this all about to change?

Panic spread across campus this week amid shock rumours that UCL’s favourite Wednesday night hangout was closing.

The Roxy, the beloved student nightclub of UCL was said to be shutting down due to complications with their liquor license.

The nightclub is considered an institution of the student club scene due to its weekly tradition of being the host of Sports Night antics.

However, an investigation by The Buzz into the pending closure found no truth to the rumours. We are delighted to report that Wednesday nights will continue to be as sloppy as ever.

A representative from the club reassured The Buzz that “[their] license is as strong as ever” and that there is “no truth in the rumours whatsoever.”

UCL students, fear not! The Roxy will continue to be the root cause of every failed module taken on a Thursday morning for years to come.