Print is dead and so is Pi

The UCL Buzz has landed

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The UCL Buzz is UCL's first entirely online, tabloid newspaper. Here you will find all the latest news, sport and musings from the day to day lives of UCL students.

Our aim is clear: to provide fun and fast news and views that matter to you.

The best thing is that anyone can write. We're not union affiliated which means anyone can get involved – no joining fee required. Simply sign up for a user profile and upload your articles.

The Buzz was founded by UCL students Emily Hilton and Sammy Kempner. It will always be a student run UCL operation and has sister papers all over the country.

The Buzz is part of The Drop Network – a movement revolutionising student media. The journey began 3 years ago in Cambridge with The Tab, a site that gets 30,000 hits a day. Recently 2 new publications have launched in Durham and Exeter and many many more are on the way.

A great App for Android and IPhone is on the way. Users will be able to submit stories from anywhere anytime in seconds.

The Drop is also working on a free 3-5 day summer course at Kent Centre of Journalism so get involved if you want to be considered!

From another university and want to start your own publication? Email us at [email protected].

Get excited guys. Get very excited.