Why They Haven’t Called You Back

Tux Tucker muses on why that sexy thing whose number you got hasn’t called you back.

Haven't Called Back

It’s a fake number dumbass!

Ok, let’s assume it isn’t, otherwise this’ll be bloody short. Ignoring the myth that people don’t want relationships while at university, there are so many reasons why they haven’t text/called back:


  • You were too keen: no one likes a keeno, don’t get me wrong you need to show interest, but if you’ve just met them the odds are they’re not looking to wake up in a relationship.
  • You were too intense: yeah ok, you wanna be a parent someday or marry young, but don’t get ahead of yourself.
  • You don't buy the cow when you get the milk for free: “Who you fuck and who you date are never the same”…you might be the most best looking thing on the market but if they’re fucking you the same day they met you, they’re not dating you…they might call you for another shag though.
  • Your reputation: if you get around, word gets around, and the great irony is that if they’re actually interested in you, they’ll ask their friends about you.
  • You were drunk: a drunken person is always fun until they vomit on your shoes – less is more: you wanna meet someone, don’t get wasted.
  • They were drunk: reality can be harsh! Even I’m pretty after a few shots. 
  • The Fear: the fear that dating means an end to crazy nights out with friends. Too many people think that getting into a relationship means an end to good times.
  • Idealists: you’re simply not the person of their dreams, who the fuck is! These people are naive, and a waste of your time.

Get out of your own heads! We are all special in our own twisted ways. Some people think a date automatically means a relationship. Wrong! Don’t get ahead of yourself and don’t panic. There’s nothing wrong with dipping your toe in the water. Don’t give up! We all want our fun and relationships are always a gamble, but it’s worth wandering in the wilderness to get there.