Meme craze takes University rivalry into 21st century.

Facebook news feeds have been flooded with university-themed memes in recent weeks, but how did it all start?

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UCL, Strand Poly, Imperial War Museum, and LSE meme pages were all created on 7th February, and since have cumulatively attracted 14,337 likes.

While US and Canadian Universities were first on the scene in late 2011, it is unclear who is responsible for the viral spread of memes. University of McGill student Daniel Braden is confident that he first brought memes to Facebook, despite the fact the FIU's (Florida International University) page predates his.

UCL being a far superior university naturally sports the best meme page demonstrating a much higher quality of banter compared to Strand Poly, those guys who can’t get laid, and the London School of Ecogeeks.

The most popular meme on the UCL page “One Does Not Simply Cross Euston Road” by Andrew White has attracted 588 likes, and the meme featured above is on 318.

While the memes have highlighted well-known stereotypes across London universities, UCL has done quite well despite poor attempts from the Strand to put UCL down for our supposedly dire graduate employability history.

Similarly, Imperial have attempted to mock the quality of our Sciences and Engineering Departments, but sadly for them science relies on evolution and evolution relies on shagging.

At present the UCL page is in the lead with 4,461 likes followed by the Strand at 3,994, Imperial at 3,992 and LSE at 1,890.

Memes have certainly created a fun distraction from lectures, tutorials and work in general, as well as fuelling friendly competition amongst UCL students. However, it is hard to tell whether this hype will go on for too long, particularly since King’s are terrible at fighting back, Imperial have started revising already, and LSE are too busy worrying about the possible ban on bankers’ bonuses.