university of liverpool

Cava is the best drink for predrinks

Get out of here with your vodka and coke

New Slater Street pizza place is giving away 2,500 slices of pizza

It’s to celebrate the opening of Nightcrawler Pizza.

Reclaim the Night is back in Liverpool

The organisers are in cooperation with FemSoc

If you hate going out, you need better friends

The best memories don’t happen sober

LMSS Scandal: Student Medics request formal proceedings against University

‘The Petitioners’ claim that the University has failed to comply with its own regulations and have complained to the Ombudsman for Higher Education.

Safari Waterpark Tour UK Facebook events mysteriously vanish

That’s summer ruined, then

You can now go to free mental health sessions in cafes across Liverpool

They will be held in churches, cafes and community halls

Tinie Tempah set to be special guest at Bongo’s Bingo

He’s the latest in a slew of special guests to grace the infamous bingo night

I’m halfway through first year and I’ve never been clubbing

Ain’t about that Juicy life

The SJ and HC are hosting an Easter egg hunt

How egg-citing

Doing your degree in bed will change your life

Stream lectures have changed the world

Keeping up with Kyle: Nobody needs forced drinking

I drink at my own pace, not at your will

University Square is launching a Speaker’s Corner

It’s happening today

Legendary Janet Beer talks LMSS and sexism on International Women’s Day

“What is so scary about an educated woman?”

How to cope if you failed January exams

Throw yourself a pity party at Concert Square

Liverpool hockey girls: Queens of AU

They dressed up as pre and post 2007 Britney once

Liverpool female professors paid over £8,000 less than male equivalents

Liverpool Uni ranks as 9th worst in the country for the gender pay gap between professors

Hundreds of students left waiting hours for exam results

Vet students didn’t receive their results until the following day

The ‘Crying Step’ is the best thing about the Raz

If you didn’t cry, did the night really happen?

Boys, stop wearing polo necks to town

Blurring the lines between rave and ridiculous