Liverpool bus fares are now even more expensive

“Should change your name to rip off Arriva”

Suspected gunman arrested by the Docks this morning

A 19 year old man has been arrested

Police found a bag of guns on Jamaica Street this morning

They recovered a bag of replica firearms

Liverpool wasn’t happy at last night’s firework display

‘Was hardly a sesh’

There will be no fireworks at Sefton Park this year

No more watching the fireworks from behind trees

Arrest made in fresher’s week rape investigation

A 32 year old man has been arrested

Wavertree woman forced to fight off attacker in attempted rape

Merseyside Police have stepped up patrols over the bank holiday weekend

The Northern Lights will be visible from Liverpool tonight

Get your telescopes out, lads.

Snow fell in Liverpool this morning, and it’s set to last until Easter

It looks like it’s going to be a wintry few months

Merseyside is the stalking capital of the UK

The worst four areas for this type of crime were found in areas of Liverpool

This is what the eclipse looked like

It looked the same, wherever you were

Startling figures reveal sexual assaults have more than doubled in a YEAR

Criminal charges were brought in only 15 per cent of cases

Climbing the Pyramid: Cammell Laird FC

The second instalment of our inside look at Merseyside’s passionate football pyramid. Featuring the best pie in the world.

Climbing the Pyramid: AFC Liverpool

Beginning a sideways view of Merseyside’s passionate football pyramid, starting at tier nine and AFC Liverpool.

Dodgy Es hit North-West

Exams may be over, but take it easy on the Es everyone as contaminated batch of pills hits Liverpool