liverpool uni

Shutting down the ‘Pro-Life Society’ isn’t liberal — it’s the exact opposite

‘No longer is the university an open, tolerant, marketplace of ideas, but a huge, stifling bubble’

Welcome Week wristbands are on sale now

Professor Green and Cascada are headlining

The best places to 4/20 on campus

Are you gunna go secret or suspicious?

All the freshers are freaking out about their accommodation offers

They haven’t experienced the 699 yet

UoL climbs 7 places in league tables

UoL steams ahead to take 31st place in the Complete University Guide rankings.

Stop stressing, you don’t need a first!

People are saying that a first is the new 2:1 – well what a load of trollop

Why people should get involved in LSRadio

When I first came to uni I thought student radio would be at the heart of student life. But when LSRadio has so much to offer, why are students not tuning in?

Harlem Flop

Liverpool Uni’s take on the Harlem Shake disappointed many, as only a handful of the 190 expected participants actually turned up.

Musical Liverpool

The Tab takes a look at Liverpool Uni’s biggest bands