How to decorate your house on the cheap this Christmas

From baggie baubles to takeaway menu paper chainz

International students: We need to give them a break

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The Guild shop barriers are the new gates to hell

They’re blocking the path to our dreams

Meet the people running for Liverpool NUS delegate

Would you vote for a trampolinist?

We can’t prevent initiations, so I think we should embrace them

Do it for the lads

Sigma will headline the Guild Summer Ball

With support from Foxes and Neon Jungle

Gender neutral toilets can bog off

They’re just taking up space

The Guild is selling incredibly lame Christmas jumpers

The shit jumper epidemic has hit LGOS

‘James Bondage in Hymens aren’t forever’: Read the Medsoc musical filled with ‘horribly misogynistic rape jokes’

This is seriously embarrassing

The new Starbucks is not welcome

Why are we being offered poor, unethical coffee?

Welcome Week wristbands are a total waste of money

Foolish first years, NEVER buy into the Welcome Week hype

Harry Anderson takes guild president in shock election result

Harry Anderson wins this year’s election, making him our Guild President for the next year.

Election result predictions

Voting closes for next year’s SRO at 5pm tomorrow and here at The Tab we’ve gone all Mystic Meg in an attempt to predict the results.

The true cost of Guild elections

The Tab has done all the digging for you, and found the cold hard numbers behind the elections.

We got a sneak peek inside the new Guild

The Tab got invited to an exclusive tour of the new Guild – and it’s looking pretty promising

Why you should never nominate yourself for guild president

If no one else is nominating you, should you really be nominating yourself? No, no you should not

Guildy Pleasures

UoL’s burlesque dancers are in uproar after the Guild bans the classes

Liverpool’s Film Guide: October

Who knew the bombed-out church and FACT were the places to catch a hot new flick?

The Untouchables

The Tab Presents: The Most Important People on Campus

At Your Service

Friday’s results saw Sam Butler re-elected as President in some of the closest elections so far.