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University of Liverpool beats LJMU in the varsity again


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“Varsity means everything”

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Will Liverpool University retain their crown?

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Red salt and library rivalry

LJMU and Independent Liverpool are holding a street-food festival

Get your act together University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool ranked 59th in the Guardian League Table 2017

But we came first in the country for anatomy.

JMU student who joined ISIS has been ‘killed in Syria’

Raphael Hostey, who fought under the name Abu Qaqa al-Britani, is believed to have died in Syria in the last week.

In Photos: University of Liverpool wins Varsity 2016


Will we retain our crown at Varsity tomorrow?

Forget Liverpool v Everton next week: UoL vs LJMU is the most important derby of the year.

Student needs plastic surgery after far-right activists threw stones during demonstration

She was visiting her boyfriend in Liverpool and now she may be scarred for life

Liverpool named 38th best uni in Sunday Times University Guide

At least we beat JMU

Flag flies at half-mast as city mourns Cilla’s death

There’s a lorra lorra love for her

Have you started revising yet?

At least you have your provisional driving licence

It’s a shame no one cares about our uni’s sports teams, because they’re actually excellent

When’s the last time you went to a BUCS match?

How to spot a JMU student

Look but don’t touch

Liverpool John Moores University to introduce ‘Scouse Studies’ degree

LJMU have plans to start a ‘Scouse Studies’ which will teach students all about the vast history of Liverpool.

Varsity: UoL host this year’s competition

Who will take the glory in the most intense sporting competition of the year?

It’s war: first Varsity videos launched

With two weeks to go until the big UoL v JMU sporting competition, it seems there’s a war brewing…

Cadbury stung after wasp found in chocolate bar

JMU student finds a whole wasp in his Cadbury Dairy Milk

UoL Moves Up in the World Rankings

… and is no longer the worst Russell Group uni! Hoorah!