There has been a major gas leak near North Campus

Students have been evacuated from their accommodation

Junior Doctors have been striking outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital

“The Government know it’s wrong, yet they are still pressing ahead.”

How to act around a dealer, by a scouse drug dealer

If you ask ‘is it good?’ then count yourself blacklisted

Emergency services found man collapsed in City Centre flat

He was brought out on a wheelchair and sent to hospital

Man in critical condition after brutal Concert Square assault

The victim was found in an alleyway near to Level and Walkabout

Over 20 million pounds to be blown on making a bio-campus

Liverpool will join Boston and Singapore as a World leading city for medical development centre

The Tab spends a night in A and E

The Tab reports on the happenings of an early morning A and E session. Scratched scrotums, balancing acts and a long night ahead, this is not a place you want to end your night