freshers week

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How to look fresh for Liverpool freshers

Fix up, look sharp.

Everything you learn during your first semester in Liverpool as a fresher


Sub Focus revealed as headliners in banging Freshers’ Week line-up

omg so sik

Welcome Week wristbands are a total waste of money

Foolish first years, NEVER buy into the Welcome Week hype

Battle of the best dressed halls

From Carnatic to Crown Place – Liverpool freshers are out in force and dressing to impress.

Meet this year’s cringiest freshers

Warning: Liverpool is now full of these idiots and they’ll be there for the next three years.

Freshers will splurge nearly £1 million during Welcome Week

£7.50 of which will be spent drunk dialling your mom

Enthusiastic freshers dismayed by flop line-up

Is this the shittest Fresher’s ever?

It’s time for male students to stand up to sexism and harassment

In their first week of uni, young women are being made to feel like sexual prey, unsafe even on their own campus, says the Everyday Sexism Project’s LAURA BATES.

Fresher’s Week: Expectations vs. Reality

Fresher’s has a lot to live up to…

A Fresher’s Essential Guide

Survival tips for your first week of freedom

The A-Z of Fresher’s Week

Our handy insider’s guide to the finer points of Merseyside

5 things I learned in Freshers’ week

Fresher’s week survival tips that every new arrival should follow