Arrest on South Campus: teenager tackled off bike and led away in cuffs

Students catch sight of boy being removed from university grounds in handcuffs

Merseyside flasher plays ball with 11 year old schoolgirls

Ghirmay Ykbmichael, has been arrested for exposing himself near Sefton Park

Student has car stolen just hours after arriving in Liverpool

John Moores girl told she must pay up even if car is found

Couple stabbed to death minutes away from campus and halls

Their son has been arrested

Langdale lifters strike second student home in a week…and make off with £4,500 of stuff

They even took their asthma inhalers

Burglars ransack house on Langdale Road

Over £3,500 worth of goods were stolen after robbers broke in through an open window

Police take action as robbers target Sefton students

Police warn residents to stay safe after a spate of burglaries around Sefton Park

Liverpool one of the UK’s safest cities

Everyone needs to calm down, Liverpool is safer than Birmingham. Official.