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Cracking up at the Carnatic creepers: Staff made jokes about intruders at formal

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Meat Free Mondays is a thing, get over it

Bitching about carni’s meat ban is selfish and ignorant

Self catered is for suckers

You grab the tray, let the dinner ladies do the rest

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Liverpool’s poshest fresher can’t hack it in Carnatic

‘They make me feel physically and mentally sick’: fresher plagued by button phobia

You think your life is tough? Imagine not being able to do up that top button like all the other indie kids

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Lawrence Road cordoned off after staff threatened by man with a blade

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students sad to see Carni go

Posh en-suites slated by students who prefer Carnatic’s homely atmosphere

The End of Carni

Carnatic and Greenbank halls look certain to go as the university calls for bids to develop 1,200 new beds for students.