Philharmonic Court is the best halls in Liverpool

Don’t hate us ’cause you ain’t us

Empty Dale Hall hit by blaze

No one has lived in there since December 2014

Home of Medication and Cream set to be demolished today

Medication will never be the same

All the freshers are freaking out about their accommodation offers

They haven’t experienced the 699 yet

Flashy accommodation with rooftop bar and pool to open this year

But it’s in Bootle

Demolition of Greenbank started to make way for fancy refurb

Watch out Crown Place

Future freshers will be paying £200 more for halls than you are

They blame it on inflation

£90 million to be splurged on new Greenbank student village

Bye bye Carnatic

There’s way too much student accommodation in the city

And it’s really pissing off locals

Rankings reveal little improvement despite multi-million pound refurb

Liverpool soars in the world rankings and is eighth in the Russell Group

Melville Woes

Melville Grove next in line for posh revamp