Will Ferrell is looking for a place to stay in Liverpool during Eurovision

He wants to take his mum to Eurovision 2023

Appearing on the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on Radio 2 yesterday, he talked about how much his mum wanted to go to Eurovision and visit the city of Liverpool but said that unfortunately all of the hotels in Liverpool are now booked for the event. The Liverpool Echo has reported that Will Ferrell has asked for some help to find somewhere to stay during Eurovision 2023 which is being held in Liverpool.

It has been widely reported that after the announcement that Liverpool would be hosting the contest, hotels sold out within minutes with the price for rooms drastically increasing for the two semi-finals and the final which are being held between the ninth and thirteenth of May 2023.

This has now led Zoe Ball to somewhat jokingly announce if anyone is willing to put Will Ferrell and his mum up in Liverpool for the event, his requirements are that the room has to be clean and tidy so long as it has enough space to accommodate the two of them.

So students of Liverpool, if you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in your uni house or fancy sharing a room with your housemate for the weekend your services may come in handy. You might need to clean up a bit first though…