University of Liverpool sign became ‘University of Poo’ this week

‘Proud to be a recent graduate of the University of Poo’

In what is quite possibly the most unexpected turn of events of all time, a University of Liverpool sign recently read “University of Poo”.

A resident of Melville Grove, very nearby to where the sign is, told The Tab Liverpool they believe the sign changed on Wednesday night this week.

It’s not clear if the other letters from the sign (“Liver—l”) were removed by someone or fell off – however, it sadly seems the whole “University of Poo” sign has now been removed.

Yesterday Ellie, a recent Liverpool graduate, tweeted images of the broken sign, writing: “Proud to be a recent graduate of the university of poo x”.


Ellie’s tweet has now amassed over 1,000 lives and has a whole load of comments and quote tweets.

Someone commented asking “did you graduate with a poo:one or a turd?”, which is quite frankly comedy genius worthy of its own Netflix special.

However, today it seems as if the whole sign has now been taken down. This morning, Twitter user Peter posted an image of the wall, now sign-less.

He said: “RIP university of poo, we hardly knew ye”.

I couldn’t agree more, Peter.

This isn’t the first time something similar has happened around the country – signs have been changed in loads of hilarious ways. Recently someone in Sheffield turned a street sign for Conduit Road into “Condom Road”.

The University of P- sorry, Liverpool, has been contacted for comment.

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