Food banks in Liverpool City Region: Where to find them and who can use them

Nine per cent of students have used food banks during the pandemic’

In the past, foodbank users have experienced stigma, fear and embarrassment when asking for the help that they need. As winter draws nearer, many people face the decision whether to eat, or pay their rent. With NUS reporting that “nine per cent of students” used food banks during the pandemic, here is a list of where to find them, whether you’re able to use them, or whether you can help out with volunteering or additional aids.


The increased use of foodbanks by students could be due to lockdowns preventing students earning money at work, or increased financial hardships at home. Whatever the reason, students who cannot afford food and necessities need to know extra help is out there.

Although Liverpool Universities offer financial help, such as The Liverpool Bursary and Hardship funds, sometimes this is not enough. The limit to what help is available per student sometimes depends on the amount of their maintenance loans, but this does not mean students aren’t struggling with the addition of these bursaries.

If you do need to use food banks, they are here to help. The closest food bank to the University of Liverpool is the South Liverpool food bank, located on Lawrence Road. There are other food banks that are accessible to all, such as the North Liverpool food bank on Larkhill Lane. A full list of support and food banks in Liverpool can be found here.

To get a referral, all you need to do is call or email the food bank, who will guide you to the right referral agent for you.

With activists such as Marcus Rashford campaigning for free school meals, places like foodbanks are essential to keep alive. They are always looking for and encouraging volunteers to help out, and compassionate work like this would look great on your CV.

Vicky Ferguson, Project Co-Ordinator for Widnes Foodbank and Student at the University of Liverpool, says – “Foodbanks do not judge those that walk through our doors, we offer guidance and support as well as food for those who are in crisis, regardless of their background, faith or age.  We see business owners, nurses, teachers as well as the unemployed and homeless walk through our doors and we offer each and everyone the same warm welcome.  If you need help, reach out.  If you want to volunteer or raise funds or food donations, contact your local foodbank, have a chat and see how best you can support them.’