If you wear any of these outfits on Liverpool’s campus you need to sort yourself out

Please, it’s time to sack off the leavers hoodie

We’ve been back on campus for over a month now, and with that has come some big adjustments. Getting back into a routine, the early mornings, the bus timetables… it’s a lot. Another thing we’ve all had to get used to is actually getting dressed again because let’s face it, who wasn’t doing their lectures in pyjamas? Finding outfits to wear was a thing of the past, and we’ve all had to re-familiarize ourselves with our wardrobes.

For some, this has been notably more difficult than others. From mismatched socks to poor headwear and frankly disturbing fashion choices, here’s our list of the worst 10 outfits spotted since being back on campus in Liverpool.

1. The ‘cool guy’ beanie

What’s that? You’re in a band? You drink whiskey on a night out? I’m sure you’re lovely, but you look a bit like a poser. I get you love Foo Fighters and want us to follow your band’s insta but there’s a time and place for the beanie, and that is solely for bad hair days- not every seminar.

2.  Leavers’ hoodies

Freshers I’m sorry, but please leave it at home. We get it, you want to wear your leavers’ hoodie with pride and be BFFs with your college mates forever… at least until Christmas. And as adorable as that is, you look like a lost year 6 walking around campus, it’s time to let it go. The hoodies aren’t even nice colours- they’re all that painfully bright shade of blue. Please, do yourself a favour and trade it for an official university hoodie like the rest of us.

3. Socks and sandals

The fact this is being seen on campus in October is actually really upsetting. This is an age-old fashion crime allowed for dads and middle-aged men…not for drinking a pint in the guild courtyard. You’re 21, not 45. Are your toes not cold? It’s boots season baby, let go.

4. The North Face puffer

This one is, admittedly, controversial. The North Face puffer jacket is a staple for many and by no means a fashion crime. My only complaint is the noise. You know the one. The loud high pitched rustle every time you move an inch. On behalf of everyone, please take it off in lectures. As my mum would say, you won’t feel the benefit when you go outside.

5. Gilets

Another controversial staple here but hear me out. Personally, I love a good gilet. Not too warm, but a good cover-up in the winter. But would I wear it religiously every day? Probably not. I think this one is a bit of a guilty pleasure because they are super comfy but just give off the biggest horse-girl, ‘I shop at Waitrose’ vibes.

6. Anything neon

Do I need to even explain this one? You’re at the library, not a rave. Please let me distract myself with TikTok instead of your yellow t-shirt.

7. Flipflops

No one wants to see your toes. I repeat. No one. Wear socks and slides like a normal person, save the flip flops for the summer holidays.

8. Shorts

I just know your legs are freezing in October. I understand you want everyone to know you’re part of a sports society, but save yourself the shivers and wear joggers instead. That smile on your face isn’t fooling anyone, we know you’re cold.

9. Scrubs/ lab coats

We get it, you’re super smart. I have nothing but the utmost respect for anyone taking a degree that requires you to wear scrubs or a lab coat. But please, let the rest of us feel inferior in peace.

10. Flat caps

I can’t believe anyone other than farmers actually wears these? I don’t know who needs to tell you this, but you’re not Tommy Shelby, take it off. You’re almost in the same category as the ‘cool beanie guy’- you probably think it’s much cooler than it actually is. Leave it at home buddy.