Politics students are the worst people to date and here’s why

Your family will be aggressively quizzed on who they voted for

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Since being a politics student, I’ve learned a thing or two about our course. We’re opinionated, strong-minded and argumentative. Without any shade, we are objectively the worst kind of students to date.

If we have ever debated you about your life choices, interrogated your family’s political positions at the dinner table, or ruined date nights by constantly bringing up our hatred for the tories, I apologise on behalf of all of us.

Sometimes our love for the subject truly dominates every aspect of our lives, and dating is no exception. Here’s a list of reasons why dating us truly is the worst:

We are always argumentative

The obsession with debating and refusal to back down often results in heated arguments. This is then followed by you inevitably giving because a) you can’t be bothered, or b) because you know you will always lose an argument with a politics student.

Is there any need to debate which type of cheese you should be putting on your pizza for half an hour? Which yoghurt will be better for the environment? I respect you if you can.

Politics students will always get what they want, so if you’re a sore loser or not much of a talker, you’re in for a tough ride.

We have an opinion on absolutely everything

Do you want to date someone who’s always nice, and will tell you white lies to spare your feelings? Yeah, don’t date us.

I’m not saying that politics students are monsters who will crush your self-esteem, but, I am saying that we certainly don’t hide our true opinions. Please don’t ask us if we like your playlist from 2016, or if we enjoyed the soggy casserole your mum cooked us, because you won’t like the answer.

We may cause some unwanted offence to you, your friends and your family but at least you can count on us to always be honest.

We constantly bring up politics at the worst time

Family dinner? Date night? Cousin’s birthday party? These are all opportunities for us to share our political opinions and change the world, one person at a time.

Politics students simply cannot comprehend that not everyone shares their burning passion for current affairs, and frankly, don’t understand why.

You’ll ask us not to “bring up politics” when your best friend’s crying over a breakup, but it’s a struggle when it makes up about 90 percent of our personality.

Everything is a competition

Again, politics students are so used to having to defend their ideas that we become pretty heated in… well, any situation where there can be competition.

Games night will end in at least five arguments and you’ll spend a lot of time trying to one-up each other.

Who arrives the latest to dates? Who cooks better? Who has the best vegan cheese? Unfortunately, it will never be you.

We have to date people with the *exact* same beliefs

What, you mean you didn’t read Karl Polanyi’s last paper? You don’t know the difference between democratic socialism and social democracy?

Dating a politics student will probably involve you taking a political compass test at some point, and if they don’t like what they see, you’re probably incompatible.

When it comes to politics students, opposites certainly do not attract.

We’re sooooo loud

Being so used to campaigning for their voices to be heard, politics students are typically quite shouty.

Being yelled at for getting an Uber instead of the 699 bus because it’s “less economical” is not ideal, especially when it leaves in 10 minutes and you’ve forgotten your laptop.

Politics students are typically loud drunks, so if you’re easily embarrassed or introverted on nights out, you’ll want to avoid anything involving alcohol on your first date.

Overall, dating a politics student can be a tough ride. The arguments, the opinions, the competitiveness…it all makes for one interesting relationship.

What we lack in tactful communication, we make up for in brutal honesty.

Despite this list, politics students are always passionate, honest, and engaging. We’re not all awful (at least we’d like to think so)!


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