Meet the third lot of Liverpool BNOCs and vote now in Heat Three

It’s your last chance to vote someone into the final

The final heat of Liverpool’s BNOC is here and things are getting even wilder. Each time we compile a new list, the answers only get bigger and better and I have no idea how anyone is going to decide. Even with the warmer weather, these contestants stay cool than ever, embodying all the essential qualities of a BNOC.

Make sure to use your best judgement when voting, as the next round to come, is the final and we need your most ruthless discretion, opinion and scrutiny to decide who really deserves the prestigious Liverpool BNOC 2021 title. Just like the nominees, the title of BNOC is a big deal, and it must be treated with the utmost respect.

Get scrolling, get reading, and get voting- it’s time for the final chance to vote for the potential Liverpool BNOC 2021.

Molly Russell, third-year Media and Communications student at UoL

Nominated for being president of the cheerleading society and also being described as “Liverpool’s Greta Thunberg”, Molly clearly emits BNOC energy. In three words, she described herself as “chatty, giggly and a laugh” and her wildest night out story is certain to make you chuckle.

Molly’s wildest night out in Liverpool is nothing short of messy. She was trying to video a DJ set in a club and accidentally had put her phone in emergency mode. Whilst she was raving the night away, her phone rang the police and alerted her parents too. She then drifted into a peaceful sleep and woke up to her dad ringing her and local police stations to try and locate her while on his way to Liverpool. As she states quite simply, she “just wanted a video of the drop.”

Molly explain she deserves to be crowned Liverpool BNOC because her “dissertation is already worthy of the shredder, graduations pics are defo not on the cards” and “please just give me something for my rents to frame.” I think Molly might be going through it just a little bit, so let’s cheer the girl up.

Amie Womersley, first-year Psychology student at UoL

As a first-year, Amie really must have made a big impression to be nominated for Liverpool’s biggest BNOC, as she was nominated because “all the boys fancy her” and why would they not when she looks fab in this picture? She describes herself as “funny and straightforward and also emotional.” Aren’t we all, Amie?

Amie’s wildest night out story involves making snow angels and dancing on a lamp post on the way back from a night out. I think we can say we’ve all had a very drunken memory trekking home, but this definitely takes the cake. All I want to know is, was there actually any snow to make snow angels? Also, how did she get up on the lamppost in the first place? My core and upper body strength could never.

When we asked her why she deserves to be Liverpool BNOC, Amie very humbly replied that she doesn’t think she deserves it, but whoever nominated her obviously does.

Megan Russell, second-year Bioveterinary Science student at UoL

Megan was nominated for BNOC for many reasons, including for “strutting along Smithdown with dramatic eye makeup and polar bear pyjama bottoms”. I have probably also done this before but not was more of a shameful shuffle than a strut, so props to you Megan. An “icon of L15”, Megan describes herself as “eccentric, chaotic, and a dog-lover”, adorable.

Megan’s wildest Liverpool night out story is certainly chaotic to say the least, as she details getting with a guy in a club only to realise he didn’t speak any English and she had to communicate with him via Google Translate. After this, she then had to be escorted back to her flat by three random women because she passed out in the taxi home (that is a mood). To complete the night, Megan fell asleep on top of two Domino’s pizzas, with four more on the way that she’d accidentally ordered. Simultaneously chaotic and iconic Megan, nice one.

Megan believes she deserves to be Liverpool BNOC because she radiates “bad bitch energy” and has a “way too big boozy side that fuels the party side”. After the party is over and everyone’s asleep, you can spot her “up until 9am carrying on alone with a bottle of wine”. The friend we all need, it seems.

Billie-Leah Kelly, second-year Drama student at Liverpool Hope University

Nominated for being the “full-time princess of Kensington”, it’s only fitting that Billie be up for the chance to be crowned Liverpool royalty. Billie described herself in three words as “the nation’s sweetheart”, so move out the way Bradley Walsh, I think you have some competition.

Billie’s wild night out story is definitely one for the history books, and it all starts with downing nearly a litre of vodka (please don’t try this at home). The paramedics at the concert she was attending took her to the medical room and texted her mum, who lives all the way in Ireland, to come and get her. The next day Billie ended up in another club in Huddersfield and went to get a taxi to Manchester, as this is where she thought she was, which ended up costing her £70. During this whole fiasco, she managed to lose all of her belongings and her phone died (shock), leaving her unable to contact anyone and forcing her mum to ring Manchester police to look for her. The next day involved looking extremely rough and lots of vomiting, to no surprise.

Billie believes she deserves to be BNOC because people had to see her looking the way she did after that catastrophe of a day, but most importantly because she said she goes to “Hopeless’ University.”

Jake Fletcher, first-year Law student at UoL

Jake was nominated to be Liverpool’s BNOC because he “launched a snowball at security, clean shot hit him in the face”. If his snowball throwing skills weren’t enough, when asked to use three words to describe himself, he said “bad at following instructions.” Ironic and a total rebel- form an orderly queue ladies and gents.

Jake’s wildest night out in Liverpool involves finding an ID on the floor in Concert Square with the same name as Paul Mccartney’s grandson on it. Jake had the revelation of photoshopping a picture of himself standing next to Sir Paul and made it his phone lock screen, and then proceeded to convince everyone for the whole night that he was in fact Paul Mccartney’s grandson. This meant he and his mates managed to gain free entry into clubs, skipping the queue, being bought a free round of drinks and impressed everyone around them. Absolutely genius if you ask me, and don’t worry, they mailed the ID back to the owner in the end.

We asked Jake why he thinks he deserves to be crowned BNOC, to which he replied “the amount of under-qualified people in positions of power in the UK at the moment means it’s probably appropriate that someone as useless as myself is elected as BNOC. Got to keep the tree alive.” Can’t really argue with that mate.

Think you’ve made your mind up about who in the final heat deserves to make it to the final of Liverpool BNOC 2021? Vote below to have your say:

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