Meet the second lot of Liverpool BNOCs and vote now in Heat Two

Thought you saw a winner in the last heat? Think again

After a competitive start to the Liverpool BNOC competition in heat one,  the competition is now becoming even tenser. If you thought the first round was full of potential winners, here is a chance to rethink that.

In this second heat, there’s a pretty broad range of potential winners to choose from. Ranging from “Birmingham’s Best” to rugby lads, today’s heat is proving that finding the most-known student in Liverpool is a pretty difficult task.

Have a read, a bit of a judge, and remember to vote below who you think should make it to the final of Liverpool’s BNOC 2021.

Dom Channing, third-year Accounting and Finance at UoL

Dom was nominated for Liverpool BNOC for being a “lovable softy” with a “hard exterior”, how adorable.

Since he’s a rugby boy, it’s no surprise to any of us that Dom has been nominated. In true rugby character, his craziest night out story involves getting back from a game, passing out on the toilet for two hours but somehow still having the energy to go on a night out dressed as a sperm. Impressive!

When asked to decribe himself in three words, Dom chose “poet”, “lovable” and, of course, “rugby”. Most importantly, when we asked why he thought he deserved to be crowned BNOC 2021 he replied, “I don’t, but everyone loves an underdog.” How wholesome.

Havana Lloyd, second-year Geography at UoL

Havana was nominated by her friends for being “fit and fabulous”, which are the exact traits necessary to be crowned Liverpool BNOC 2021.

When asked for three words to describe herself,  Havana replied: “Bitch, hurricane, I asked my mates to think of a nice one and I waited five mins for a reply”, which gives us a total of two descriptions but that is fine.

Her craziest Liverpool night out story? Havana enlightened us with a tale of blacking out and shagging a guy under 5ft 4.  Is there any more that needs to be said about this Liverpool legend?

Havana also believes that she doesn’t deserve to be crowned BNOC as she is “literally never in Liverpool, always at home shagging my ex.” What a mood.

Kai Birch, first-year Sports and Exercise Science at LJMU

Having received multiple nominations, Kai seems to be something of a Liverpool hero – even receiving nominations who have known him as far back as primary school. Do you think this Sport and Exercise Science Fresher has what it takes to be crowned BNOC?

A big part of being crowned BNOC is being there for fellow friends and students, which is especially important after the year we have all had. According to his heartwarming nomination, Kai has found a way to organize gatherings within the Covid guidelines for his friends and feels like he has helped make the most of the uni experience in a difficult time.

However, kindness isn’t the only way to describe Kai. When asked to describe himself, Kai told us he’s”exotic, courageous, and Jamaican.”

Kai has also proven himself to have a little bit of a naughty side. During Fresher’s he ended up receiving a lap dance from someone in a nightclub, who then bought him and his mates a free round of Jägers. The friend you’ve always wanted, or Liverpool BNOC 2021?

Rosie Mellon, fourth-year Hispanic Studies and Criminology at UoL

Rosie was nominated because of how slow she is replying to friends because of the “number of mates she has on the go”, which is exactly the sort of person who deserves to be crowned BNOC.

The three words Rosie used to describe herself were “bubbly, friendly, and fun” which is adorable and exactly what you look for in a friend during times like these.

When she says she’s “bubbly”, she really isn’t lying. Her craziest night out story involves her chundering into a glass in a club and failing to warn the boy who owned the drink, who then proceeded to drink from that glass after she vommed in it, yikes. Notably, Rosie is also a loyal Brummie, and patriotism is something Rosie holds close to her which makes her believe she should be crowned Liverpool BNOC 2021.

Think you’ve made your mind up about who in this heat deserves to make it to the final round of Liverpool BNOC? Vote below to have your say:

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