These are the six types of Liverpool lads you’ll meet on the dating scene

Sorry, but the fish pics need to go

The dating scene can be a dark and diverse place at uni, with what we’ll call an interesting mix of individuals. This is the time where you can be free to be or do whoever you want. Alas, with the freedom to shag around (before Covid, unfortunately), comes experiences with people you really wish you’d avoided.

Whether you’re in a relationship or riding solo, you’ll no doubt have encountered these six types of lads at some point. Whether it be whilst mindlessly swiping on Tinder, being sharked in Level, or people-watching in the library- you’ve seen these types everywhere.

They could be on your course, in your house, in your bed, or on your blocked list- there’s no doubt you’ll run into all six of these whilst studying in Liverpool.

The lad with a fish pic

Lads, please, on behalf of all girls, update your profile picture. Please. As much as we love the mystique photo of 14-year-old you on a fishing trip with your dad, this gives us zero indication of how you look now.

The fish pic is all we’ve got, and the “no, I swear he looks better than that irl!” we have to give to all our mates is getting painful.

The Mummy’s Boy

Don’t get me wrong, there’s truly nothing wrong with being close to your parents. But do you really need your mum in your Facebook profile pic, Insta sefies and on Tinder? The answer is no.

Generally, these lads are lovely, as long as you know you will always be in second place and his mum will know everything (literally, everything) about you.

The Gentleman (a RARE find)

This one is a rare gem but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The Gentleman takes you by surprise and is always the underdog you don’t expect.

These lads are pure gold dust and would give an arm and leg just to make sure you’re happy. He probably has some wholesome pics with his dog and takes family photos at every gathering. His manners are immaculate and he won’t care about what anyone else thinks seeing you together.

The Gym Lad

The Gym Lad can be seen at the sports centre at least six days a week and a tell-tale sign is the protein powder that is often religiously stacked in their kitchen cupboard.

They probably care more about getting those gains than investing time in you, and all their Insta pics are the classic post-workout mirror selfie.

The Private School Rah

Any lad that went to private school probably does politics, business, or some kind of money-making degree and goes to lectures in smart-casual (if not full-on business) dress.

The Private School Rah is an easy lad to spot- on nights out, he can be seen wearing some expensive branded trainers and a hoodie he got for £800. He always ends up in some kind of drama with his mates over owing money for a bag, but truly lovely at heart. He will probably drive you round in his family’s Rover, nice.

The Player

Unfortunately, this lad is very common at uni. Likely to be part of a sports society and follows his football team religiously.

He’ll message only in the evening (9pm onwards only) and spends every Wednesday night at Med if he could. He probably had a man bun at some point in the last three years and regrets shaving his head over lockdown, so is now growing a mullet to make up for the hair loss. Avoid at all costs- The Gentleman is out there!

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