Your ultimate guide to Galentine’s Day 2021

Sack off the boys, Galentine’s is where it’s really at

Whether we love or hate Valentine’s day, it is shoved in our faces. There is absolutely no escape: During your endless Insta feed scrolls, it seems like all you see are loved up couples posting about their never-ending love for each other. When you go on your daily walk to clear your head, everywhere you look are couples hand-in-hand shoving their coupliness into our single faces. Make it stop!

Arguably, the only good thing to come from Lockdown 3.0 is the momentary relief from everyone flaunting their love; no more cancelled plans because your taken mates have had fall-outs with their beloved, less pressure to try and pull in clubs. For my fellow singletons, this pandemic is either the worst or best thing to happen to the dating scene and I have no idea which one it is.

If you’re single, living with your mates or just in general fed up of the verbal vomit that is love, we’ve created a guide for you to have a superb Galentine’s. Who needs a date when you’ve got cheap Tesco wine? Exactly.

Have a movie marathon

Grab some wine, hot chocolate, a cat (whatever floats your boat) and stick on the best chick-flicks of all time. Did you recently get ghosted? Put that Bridget Jones on NOW! Is your heart still shattered from a breakup ages ago? The Notebook it is. Get the generic vibe of where everyone’s hearts are at and have a good one.

Eat spaghetti Lady and the Tramp style

What’s more romantic than spaghetti and meatballs? Not much. Why don’t you and your house-wife recreate the Disney classic Lady and the Tramp moment for those Galentine vibes? If you’re feeling really fancy and creative, instead of buying spaghetti, why not make it from scratch? Surely there’s a TikTok out there showing you how.

Throw a party

Students love a party, and we certainly don’t need an occasion to have one. Obvs keeping this household-only: Get the cocktail ingredients, pour them into pitcher jugs and have a fab night. Alexa, play Bad Girls by MIA on repeat, please!

Have a pamper evening

There really is no better day than Valentine’s to have a pamper evening. Just because that lad from first year doesn’t love you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love yourself. Time to cut those cucumbers, stick the face masks on, and get some nail polish. It’s time for a bit of self-love and after this last year, I think we all deserve it.

Bake something

Are you procrastinating, expressing creativity, or just enjoying this delightful pastime? Nobody knows. If you live in a student house, use this as an excuse to bake double the batches you actually want because otherwise they’ll be gone within the hour. This way you know that regardless of how the night ends (pampered or drunk), you’ll have something to munch on.


Let this list show you that Galentine’s is a day to be celebrated with friends and those around you who love you. Also, please delete your ex’s number before getting drunk on the 14th, you’re welcome.

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