The Tab Liverpool is hiring new writers and we want YOU!

Come along to our open meeting on Friday 12th February

Are you getting nervous about applying for jobs because you’re aware of how boring your CV is? Are you tired of telling yourself that there’s no point in applying for competitive schemes because all you hear is ‘it’s who you know, not what you know,’ when you actually don’t know anyone? Or, have you just looked at your timetable and wondered how you’ll avoid going insane with barely any contact hours? If yes then boy have you clicked on the right page.

The Tab is on the hunt for student journalists to join our family of witty, passionate, skilled, and friendly writers. If you’re hesitant to contact us because you think we’re looking for people with experience then stop right there and send us a DM on Instagram saying you’re interested to join us today. We’re hosting an open Zoom meeting for those wanting more information on Friday 12th February at 5pm, so click to let us know if you’re interested in that.

You really don’t need any experience to join in as this is the best way to get your foot in such a competitive industry. Publishing your very own writing on such a big platform is a superb way to improve your CV, writing skills, and (virtual, sorry) social life.

“Why should I write for The Tab?”

The Tab is the UK’s biggest student news platform. Writing for The Tab Liverpool grants you the opportunity to write local news, features, and opinion pieces with the help of plenty of writers. Maybe you’ve read articles along the lines of interviewing Chanel the parrot’s owner or how more uni courses are being taught online, then felt like you wanted to write something similar but ditched that idea when you had no idea to start. Sad, but a true and unnecessary story for some.

Writing for us will grant you experience in writing articles, media law training, conducting research and interviews, and you can receive training in writing breaking news stories.

“What happens if I write for The Tab?”

You can have an article commissioned to you by one of our editors or pitch your own idea in a meeting. You have a title, you write it out, you press submit, and that’s that.

“How do I get involved?”

You can attend our open Zoom meeting on Friday 12th February at 5pm to meet the editors and fellow new writers, or you can simply DM us asking for more information on our Instagram or Facebook pages.

You’ve seen the Smithdown Ticket Exchange discussions, you know the sort of stories The Tab covers, you know you want to be part of this so why not join? If if you’re boring then nevermind, please stay away.

Get in touch and talk soon!

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