Mass testing to be extended to Liverpool after cases of new Covid mutation found

Matt Hancock has described the new cases as ‘concerning’

Matt Hancock announced yesterday that mass testing will be extended to Liverpool as 32 cases of a new Covid mutation have been detected in the city.

The Health Secretary has expressed concerns after a new strain of the Kent variant was found in Liverpool. The news comes after eight hotspots for the new South Africa mutation were identified in the UK, with door-to-door testing rolled out in those areas.

He confirmed that more door-to-door testing will be carried out across the country and will be focussed on the affected regions.


Hancock asks for residents in Liverpool to stay at home whenever possible to help contain the spread the new mutation, saying: “It is imperative that people must stay at home and only leave home where it is absolutely essential.”

The situation will be closely monitored by the government, who are “putting in extra testing and sequencing every positive test.”

It remains unknown exactly when and where door-to-door testing will begin taking place in Liverpool, but everyone aged 16 or over will be offered a test, even if they have already been vaccinated.

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