A Liverpool student has started a petition for a no detriment policy

‘We as university students have been continuously neglected’

Following yesterday’s announcement regarding the newest lockdown restrictions, students in Liverpool have created petitions urging their universities to reintroduce the ‘safety-net’ policy, which would ensure that students’ grades are unaffected by the new lockdown restrictions.

The newest restrictions mean all students must remain in their current location and not to return to university, with the hopes of controlling the spread of the virus.

Holly Booth, a third-year geography student at the University of Liverpool, has created a petition arguing that measures to “bring fairer results for both undergraduates and postgraduates” should be implemented, ultimately asking for a no detriment policy.


Holly told us: “Throughout this pandemic, we as university students have been continuously neglected.

“After the last lock-down was announced by Boris Johnson, I was just annoyed that no guidance was being given for university students. Do we go back to university or do we stay home?”

Holly expressed her worries over the impact the lockdown will have on her final grades: “I, like many other third-year students or even second-year students, have a lot riding on these results be it future jobs, masters, internships and if we don’t get the grades then we can’t get these opportunities.

“So that’s why I started this petition: To give some security to Liverpool University students in their results so they are not punished for circumstances out of their control.”

Holly’s petition to reintroduce the no-detriment policy can be found here.

The University of Liverpool are yet to make a comment.

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