UoL sports societies raise over £43,000 for Movember

And for the first time ever, it was nice seeing moustaches around Smithdown

Walking around Smithdown and campus over the last month, you will have noticed a change amongst the faces of the students of Liverpool: Gone are the clean-shaven faces and the well-trimmed beards of any rugby boy or indie lad. Instead, you’ll have noticed a sea of wispy moustaches, but, love it or hate it, it’s all for a good cause. 

This year UoL societies raised over £43,000 for Movember, a charity aimed at making a difference in mental health, suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer across the world. Over 26 societies took part, each contributing to help raise an outstanding amount.

To see how much a few UoL societies raised last November and how some did it, have a scroll:

Athletics and Cross Country: £1,439 

The Athletics and Cross Country society raised a great amount and ran an outstanding 1812km over the month.

via Instagram @livuniathletics

Cheerleading and Dance: £1,090

Cheerleading and Dance, also known as ‘Liverpool Foxes’ smashed their team target of £250 by raising money through running.

via Instagram @uolfoxes

Cricket: £6,362 

As well as raising £6,362, Cricket society was able to raise £225 for ‘Opening Up’ a charity promoting mental wellbeing and suicide prevention through cricket.

via Instagram @liv_uni_cricket

Cycling : £740 

As well as providing a great collage of moustache updates on their Instagram, those who participated also set themselves goals in which they either ran or cycled.

via Instagram @livunicc

Gymnastics: £75 

As well as raising money, Gymnastics also posted about mental health on their Instagram.

via Instagram @livuni_gymnastics

Handball: £175 

As well as raising money those taking part also walked or ran 60km over the month for every 60 men that lose their lives to mental health each hour across the world.

via Instagram @uolhandball

Men’s Hockey: £2,683  

Men’s Hockey raised £1,844 more than what they did in 2019.

via Instagram @livunihc 

Men’s Rugby Union: £17,191 

Raising over double their target, and coming out victorious as the society that raised the most Men’s Rugby Union was able to beat their original target in just 11 days.

via Instagram @lurfc1 

Netball: £1,193 

Netball members also took part in runs to help raise the money.

via Instagram @unioflivnetball 

Sailing: £1,587

Sailing also kept their Instagram updated with some great moustaches across the month.

via Instagram @unioflivsailing 

Swimming: £733 

Swimming society promoted November on their Instagram page and has posted in regards to mental health too.

via Instagram @uolswimteam

Trampolining: £235  

As well as raising money Trampolining is promoted mental health on their Instagram page.

Ultimate Frisbee: £1, 295

Ultimate Frisbee’s treasurer, William Carter, impressively ran 60km in under six hours in one go to represent the 60 men we lose around the world to suicide hourly. 

Water Polo: £703  

Water Polo smashed their target of £525, beating it by over £200.

via Instagram @uolwaterpolo

Women’s Football: £1,088  

Women’s Football amazingly raising over £1000

Sport Liverpool told The Tab how proud of all the clubs they are: “Each year we run the Movember campaign, but this years involvement and fundraising efforts have been extraordinary.

We’re so proud of all our clubs who took part to help change the future of men’s health.”

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