The ultimate Liverpool student Christmas gift list

Some ideas that won’t leave you breaking into your overdraft

Balancing finances as a student is hard at the best of times, let alone at Christmas. It’s the time of year when you just want to spend your loan on Aldi vodka and Brookhouse pints, not some candles your family will forget about next month. Maybe you want to splash out on snazzy clothes and make-up for someone, but the overdraft really doesn’t allow that – this time is financially peak and we’re all in this sinking boat together.

After this pathetic excuse for a year, it’s understandable that you want to gift those who’ve been there for you during the multiple breakdowns to say thanks. But do you really have the funds to gift them as much as they deserve? Exactly.


Look no further: Here, we’re gifting you with the student gift guide of this Christmas, so you don’t have to wreak havoc on your already empty bank account.

For the home-lovers:

Mini crumb-hoover

This little stocking filler is a must-have for your parents. A cute, little handheld vacuum for crumbs around the home. It’s battery-powered, easy to use and only £7. This gift is an essential aid for helping clean up crumbs this Christmas after eating your body weight in mince pies.

Wax melts

There are plenty of independent businesses, especially on Instagram, selling beautifully scented wax melts. Depending on where you source them from you can even get them in Christmas scents or dupes of your favourite designer perfumes. Coupled with a melt burner this gift is ideal for the home and candle lovers.

Upcycled record coasters

A perfect home gift for old-school music lovers. Made of the labels cut from vinyl records, these replicas will impress the musicians in your life whilst decorating their home and for just £14.

For alcohol lovers:

Personalised gin glass

We all know a gin-lover. One of those friends on Facebook who shares every single gin-related post. You know, the ones along the lines of ‘Tag your first friend who’s named begins with ‘G’ and if they don’t reply in 20 seconds they owe you a pink gin!’

Personalised and perfect for cocktails, this gift is ideal for that kind of friend.

Prosecco Pong

The perfect gift for a beer-pong lover, only this is a prosecco version. Gift your loved ones some boozy fun with this revised-classic party game!

Personalised decanter

An adaptable and effortless gift, appropriate for any friend or family member. Individual, original and affordable, this booze-dispenser is surely right up anybody’s street this Christmas-time.

For the book lovers:

Astrology for Real Relationships

We all love a bit of astrology, don’t we? An easy and interesting read for those who would love to know more about the zodiac and its relations to everyday life.

‘Women Don’t Owe you Pretty’

An amazing read and totally relevant. Everyone needs to read this! Florence Given expresses her anger and offers her advice to all women that it is time to give up the conceited notion that a woman’s sole purpose is to ‘be pretty’. Informative and inspiring, make this the gift for all your girl-friends (and boyfriends) this year.

‘Good Vibes Good Life’

A little bit of mindfulness and lessons on manifesting positive thoughts. This Sunday Times best-seller will be a hit for those you think may need a little help on overcoming adversity after such a difficult year. Gift your loved-ones some lessons on self love.

These books are linked to major online bookstores, but I urge you to give your local bookshop a visit this season after such a challenging year.

For beauty lovers:

Olaplex Trial Kit

Cheap and affordable, this trial hair repair kit for just £22 is a gift worth giving. Who wouldn’t be happy to receive heavenly hair for the holiday season?

UV gel lamp

An easy, cheap and amazing gift for those nail aesthetes.

Personalised Cosmetic Bag

As students, we’re used to packing and travelling. This personalised make-up and wash-bag is the ideal gift for your fellow house-mates and provides them with the organisation and tidiness you wish they had.


‘Do or Drink’

Not quite appropriate for the family, but definitely a fitting offering to your friends (who like to drink). A reprise of truth or dare that includes boozing – this gift will get the pre-drinks started.

‘Shot in the Dark’

Nope – it’s not shot related, unfortunately, but you could make it that way. A trivia game with some pretty hilarious questions, you’ll be asked questions you never thought you’d get asked. A bit like Pointless but cards, you’ll make use of your useless knowledge.

‘Cards Against Humanity’ Family edition

A more family-friendly game so we don’t exclude the relatives. There’s nothing like a game of Cards Against Humanity, but with your grandparents and extremely sensitive aunt at the dinner table, the explicit version may not be appropriate. That’s why they’ve brought us the family edition – an example of gifting others whilst gifting yourself a good laugh this Christmas.

This Christmas, time will feel pretty strange for all of us. Here, we’ve suggested some ways you can maintain the festive joy despite the world falling apart around us. When in doubt, shop it out!

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