We spoke to the Liverpool John Moores grad behind the tragic McDonald’s job rejection tweet

‘So many employers are reaching out to help me’

Here is the harsh truth: The chances of us leaving uni and securing a decent job are shockingly minimal. With almost one in every 10 graduates unemployed after 15 months of graduating, the world outside our sheltering uni bubble seems pretty daunting and downright cruel.

Chances are you’ve scrolled through tonnes of relatable tweets about how tricky the job hunt is after uni and either assumed you’d somehow never find yourself in that situation or that you’d just suffer with your entire cohort of unemployed grads – but do you ever think about how truly soul-destroying constantly being rejected from jobs is?

Eve Hammond, a Liverpool John Moores grad, posted a tweet of her degree transcript alongside a rejection email from McDonald’s recruitment and if this doesn’t sum up how savage the adult world is then I have no idea what else will.

Eve told The Tab Liverpool how difficult graduating uni in a pandemic is: “It’s frustrating knowing there are few opportunities and the lack of support and preparation from universities and the government about graduating into a pandemic, which I think should be improved.”

Since the tweet went viral, employers have been reaching out to Eve and others are helping her redo her CV; a pretty decent outcome of such a disheartening tweet. Eve’s hoping for a “grad job with scope for progression” but remains “open-minded” about which field she goes into.

We asked Eve about how she felt about her tweet going viral, and she replied saying this is “actually crazy, did not expect it at all.”

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