10 themed parties UoL students can throw to stop missing clubs so much

Lockdown doesn’t mean all the fun is cancelled

Words cannot express how much clubs are missed. Tanning the night before, asking where’s pres, planning your outfit, seeing which Tinder matches are out too- that was such a lifestyle that simply cannot be replicated in your living room. Unless you’ve got some creativity and imagination under your belt so you know how to make the most out of this shitty living situation.

No clubs, no pubs, and no sports socials – 2020 has taken it all. Deadlines are looming, your student loan diminishing, and it’s safe to say we’re all feeling the pressure of lockdown 2.0. You’ll be back in your hometown all too soon, so why don’t you have a few knock-out nights before you leave?

Crack open your bank account for the last minute fancy dress because we’ve provided you with the best lockdown party ideas to save your spirits and make sure 2020 isn’t a (total) failure.

1. Country night

@fadagram on Instagram

Bit of Old Town Road and a couple of yeehaw’s, this one’s an easy costume party to throw with your flat. Pair of shorts and a plaid shirt, it’ll (almost) feel like a sport’s social with strong Joe Exotic vibes, just minus the actual club and taxi home. At least you’re saving money, right?

2. Builders & cones night

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Time to replace those joggers you’ve been wearing for the past week with a bit of neon. Not everyone’s got a hi-vis in the bottom of their wardrobe but a neon shirt and hat from Amazon and you’ve got yourself a costume. Benefits of this costume are that your Uber Eats driver will definitely be able to see you when you pick up your 3 am pizza.

3. ABBA night

If there’s one thing guaranteed to get a party going it’s got to be a bit of Dancing Queen karaoke. You generally can’t go wrong with a bit of ABBA, it’ll get your whole flat dancing and give you a chance to whip out those clubbing outfits you never got to wear this year </3

4. Vets & pets night

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One for all you medics out there (and your non-medic flatmates). If you’ve got a mask and a pair of rubber gloves (i.e literally everyone, thanks 2020) you’ve pretty much got this costume sorted.

5. Shrek night

@unioflivnetball on Instagram

Time to get out the face paint and headbands for possibly the best-themed party ever! It might stain your bedsheets green forever but worth it for a night of feeling Shreksy. If you’re in a mixed flat, add a few Fiona’s in (maybe even a few Donkey’s if you’re really going for it) for a truly ~magical~ night.

6. Early Christmas because why not, pandemic and all

November is NOT ‘too early’ to start celebrating xmas, and after the year it’s been you’re definitely allowed to start extra early. So dress as a tree, an angel, or maybe be the present you always are and whack on those cheesy xmas songs!

7. Shit Shirt night

@annaeniko99 on Instagram

Floral, stripes, plaid, print, or spots, the world is your oyster with the shit shirt social.  This is by far the lowest maintenance costume party ever, so there’s no excuse for anyone not to get involved. Sorry, party poopers.

8. Scooby-Doo night

Another easy, nostalgic costume party for your flat to bring back the good ol’ days of TV without entirely draining what little is left of your student loan. Or if you want to go all out, impress your housemates with that Velma ‘fit!

9. ‘Anything but a cup’ night

Another low maintenance party here which literally requires almost zero planning. Get some music on and pour yourself a shoe, shampoo bottle, or bucket of gin. The best bit about this party is that there’s no washing up in the morning.

10. Twenties night

@giuliabaresi on Instagram

Throw yourselves the not-so roaring 20s party we hoped we’d all have this year. 2020 may not have been the biggest party year, but at least you can still have one within your flat to keep your spirits high over lockdown.

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