The six types of Liverpool Freshers you’ll meet on your first night

We all need a social media star in our flat tbh

Fresher’s Week is an exciting time for any first-year: The freedom, the new city to explore, the nights out and the masses of new people. Whilst you’ve probably convinced yourself that your flatmates will be your best mates at uni, it’s unlikely that the handful of randomers you’ve been lumped in a flat with will be your soulmates. In reality, this mix of people is likely to cause the odd clash and some awkward first nights out, and definitely some cringeworthy moments.

That said, you’ll make some (good and bad) memories with your Freshers flat, and whilst you can’t predict who you’ll end up with, you can expect a mix of different personalities. Here are the six types of Fresher’s you can expect to meet on your first night at university:

The Recluse

This is the guy who doesn’t come out for about three days, likely studies something super nerdy like computer science or physics and only eats pre-made noodles or baked beans. They probably sit on their Xbox for at least 12 hours a day in the dark, illuminated by his three computer screens and of course, the notorious LED keyboard.

The recluse will avoid the kitchen at all costs, making you question if they’ve even moved in.

The Lad’s Lad

This is the ultimate geezer in the flat. He probably went to Malia with the lads over summer or travelled to Bali and thinks he’s ‘found himself’ whilst tripping on some kind of drug on some kind of mountain.

Exclusively wears boat shoes and chinos with his Ralph Lauren shirt, he’ll never miss Saturdays with the boys or his Monday morning gym sesh, and can often be found ranking girls he swipes on Tinder in terms of how easy a shag they are. He’s one of the most pretentious people you’ll ever meet and you can only ever aspire to be half as ‘cool’ as he is.


The Social Media Star

50 Snapchat stories and two new Insta highlights of your night out is the minimum when it comes to this flatmate. Probably overshares to her 100 Twitter followers and posts EVERY meal on her Insta story- you can bet that the first night will be no different. She’s probably done a #spon with some fitness tea brand that no one’s ever heard of and pretends she’s on PR lists by tagging @boohoo on all of her outfit posts.

Prepare for your privacy to be stripped away because you’re about to be on her Snapchat story at least ten times a day.

The Drug Lord

A strong advocate of the hoodie and dirty trainers look, the drug lord Fresher thrives after 9 pm and is similar to the recluse, rarely venturing outside their room. The first night consists of them messaging every group chat in existence for numbers to fuel their fix, meanwhile remaining a silent enigma to the rest of the flat.

This Fresher often wears the same hoodie for at least two weeks and their room decor consists of empty orange juice bottles and the odd death-metal poster.

The Party Police

Flat party? Think again, because with this person in your flat you’re definitely not having the Fresher’s Week you dreamed of.

This flatmate is in bed by 10 pm and won’t stand for any sounds of life in the kitchen. You can forget themed parties, fancy dress nights or even some chilled drinks in the kitchen- this flatmate will not be joining you for Ring of Fire on the first night, or in fact any night.

The Nerd

This flatmate has already done all the reading for the first 12 weeks and is already talking exam prep just three hours into pres on the first night. Their room probably has some cringe motivational quotes stuck above their desk along the lines of live, love, laugh or whatever, and their shelves proudly display a row of colour coordinated folders.

Expect them to say ‘no’ to almost every night out in Fresher’s Week because they’re just “Sooooo busy with work hahaa rip!”, and if you want to hang out with them then the SJ is your only option.

Nerd, Recluse, Lad, whatever you are- thank you for being a piece of the university family we are all in need of right now. Life is difficult and different right now, so click here if you need help accessing support at UoL.

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