Crowds gather in Liverpool City Centre for anti-mask protest

Chants heard today include ‘save our rights’ and ‘they cannot control us’

Crowds of people have been spotted in Liverpool city centre today protesting against both wearing masks and the newest lockdown measures, which saw Liverpool placed under the strictest lockdown rules.

Footage from Twitter and videos taken by people in the area show the crowd congregating on Church Street and using a megaphone to talk to the crowd against the new rules.

People are taking to social media to express their disappointment in the protests, some asking: “Guys are we really doing this?”

Protestors were reportedly shouting “save our rights” and that the government “cannot control us” in regards to wearing masks and following the new lockdown rules.

Some protestors were seen holding placards saying ‘Boris, Hancock, Cummings: Crimes against humanity’ and ‘British Brainwash Channel’.

Mackenzie Blacklock, a final year English student at UoL and our Features Editor, told The Tab Liverpool what was happening at the protests: “It’s really crowded, the police are here monitoring the situation. People are chanting about having fair rights and that we don’t need masks. They’re taking up the whole of the street and not taking any precautions.”

Mackenzie added that the crowds are “really not going to help with the infection rates” as partakers are refusing to wear masks and abide by social distancing.

See more information on the current rules and regulations to help lower the transmission rates.

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