Original group halloween costume ideas for UoL households

Because going Harley Quinn is overdone and lacks inspiration

Halloween is arguably one of the best times of the year, as it’s the one night you can dress up as someone completely different (and probably cooler), than the stressed, emotional and debilitated student you really are.

This year’s Halloween is undoubtedly the weirdest one yet: No prancing around Level in stockings, no panic-buying event tickets before they run out, no walking back from a one night stand with fake blood still on you- now it’s just you, your household, and the spookiest vibes you can make. Nice.

To really help you bond, I’ve created a list of all the best group costumes that you and your flat, or house, can do together over this spooky season.


Instantly recognisable and iconic, this works amazing for a mixed flat, although I do feel sorry for whoever gets the short end of the stick and has to be scooby. (I think your flat are trying to tell you something).



Now this one is an absolute classic. Without fail, every year, you will see a group of super-fit girls rocking this costume, and they always look amazing. Not only can you dress up as the plastics in their usual 00’s get up, you can also go for the infamous Halloween costumes they wore. Although, you will however have to brave the North-West wind in pretty much lingerie, which does not sound as fun.


This is for all the boys out there that don’t want to chuck a contact in and slap some fake blood on a white t-shirt and call themselves a vampire/zombie. Joe Exotic really was what got half the population through lockdown, so it only seems fair to give him the recognition he deserves. This is a pretty easy and relatively cheap one that is much more original than the usual costumes you see on most boys. (I must apologise to Tommy Shelby when I say, if I see one more Peaky Blinder’s costume, I’ll genuinely dry heave).


I mostly got the inspiration for this from that guy who dresses up as a sexy Willy Wonka on TikTok, so thanks to him, I think this costume is a great idea. This fits a six-person group perfectly and is still super unique! Plus, I really don’t know what’s more traumatising than that one boat scene in the Johnny Depp version of the film.

This was in fact the exact inspo for this costume idea. You’re welcome.


For those of you that love a throwback, this really is the ultimate homage to the ’80s. A costume for this is super easy to find on pretty much any fancy dress site, plus who doesn’t look good in a boiler suit?? You can either go for the original or the all-female cast as well for this costume, making it adaptable to any sort of group you like!



Arguably the Kardashians of Halloween, this family really embodies what this holiday is all about. They are equally stylish and spooky and this costume, pulled off correctly, really would be sensational. Also, Morticia and Gomez are couple goals and you cannot possibly convince me otherwise




This film absolutely terrified me, making it a fab group Halloween costume, especially if you’re going for a scarier vibe. All you really need is some red overalls and you’re pretty much ready to go. Simple, but very, very effective.


You can get the costumes here on Amazon if this sparks your fancy.


Every friendship group can be divided into 5 categories: Sporty, Ginger, Baby, Scary and posh. The spice girls really did pave the way for girl groups all over the UK with their individual identities, and it would only be right to do them justice. The union jack dress, the platform trainers and the leopard print all make for a killer girl group costume. True British icons.



The only people that truly relate to the many messy phases of Britney are students and that is a fact. One minute were shaved head Britney with 209 assignments to complete, and come 7pm were Slave 4 U Britney in our favourite PLT top ready for pre drinks. For a group to embody every famous Britney period really would be nothing short of groundbreaking.



I apologise. It’s cliche, I know. But it had to be done.

Happy Halloween from my household to yours!

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