Easy things you can do at UoL to make the most out of being a student

I call this the low maintenance bucket list

We all know Liverpool is full of hidden gems that have been spoken about a hundred times. We also know that the idea of having the perfect student experience has been rammed down our throats since the second we announced that we were thinking about applying to university. Well, this oddly specific list is nothing like that. Do everything at least once (with your household, that is) and thank me later. Enjoy.

Write off a morning (or an entire day) for a group hangover

That Tesco’s own vodka will result in quite the hangover. Don’t suffer this alone. Go to your living room, round up your mates from the night before and spend at least a few hours discussing how much your heads hurt, how you’re never drinking again, and how much fun last night was. Then proceed by doing face masks and drinking 10 bottles of water because life is all about balance. Going out for brunch has nothing on this.

Have a games night

This is a student classic. Nothing says friendship like a flipped over Monopoly table. If you live in UoL owned halls you can also most likely rent board games free of charge from your accommodation’s reception.

Find the ultimate takeaway

Having to leave behind your favourite home takeaways can be hard but finding the perfect replacement won’t be too much of a challenge. Liverpool’s food is propa nice and a propa bargain as well (if you know, you know).

Learn a dance routine

Nobody will admit this but going to university gives you the overwhelming sense to cling onto your childhood. Pretend you’re nine again. Relearn the Hoedown Throwdown. Practice it with your new friends; this is also a great way to learn who is worth your time because if they don’t want to learn said routine then are, they really the kind of person you want in your life?

Spend at least £5 in the Sydney Jones vending machines

If you need a drink or a snack whilst studying, then that means you’re working hard. Get some fuel. You’re doing a great job and those overpriced Mini Cheddars prove it.

Attend the quiz at the Guild

Join Che at the weekly quiz at the Guild. Make sure to pick a decent team name though because Quiztina Agrilaria is overdone, you’ll get roasted and you won’t win the £10 prize for best name.

Go on a late-night snack run to Tesco

There are six Tesco Express stores within a mile of campus (Prescot Street, Brownlow Hill, London Road, Myrtle Street, Mount Pleasant, and Bold Street). There is nowhere more convenient to go and grab a shitload of food from when its 10:55 pm and you just really want some overpriced cookies. Pro-tip: the Tesco Express run is also versatile and is great for your last minute pres if cheap paint stripper vodka is your thing.

Play Mario Kart at The Font

Three cocktails for £7.50 AND free use of their game’s consoles? The Font is the elite student bar, and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Make a roast dinner

Okay so, this is a little bit of a classic however it simply has to be done. You won’t know stress or truly appreciate your mum’s cooking quite until you’ve had to go this alone.

Lurk around campus during exam season

It may be a particularly sore subject at the moment but we’re paying £9250 to be here. Every exam season offers more free samples than Costco. Be sure to take long revision breaks around campus to ensure you don’t miss out on those free Starbucks drinks and ice cream cones. You deserve it, and even if you don’t, you technically pay for it anyway so you might as well get your money worth. Another pro-tip: if you live in University-owned halls then also keep an eye out for the free festive stuff they’ll offer you as well.

Take these free burgers we got from Crown Place for example

I’d like to officially challenge you to actually complete this list by graduation. Gather your flatmates, course friends or society pals and get started right away.

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