An open letter to COVID-19 from an angry UoL student

You took the Raz from me and that is unforgivable

It’s not fair. That’s the only way to sum up a pandemic. It’s not fair for anyone, but selfishly, it sucks hard for students. Every student is experiencing a shit time – especially if you knew the joys of uni life before a pandemic. The comparison to previous years is unbearable.

We’re angry, you’re angry, your pets are angry and tired thanks to all the lockdown walks, COVID-19: We’re all pretty angry, and here’s why:

I miss in-person teaching

Now, I’m not saying I turned up to all of my lectures in the past two years, I’m not even saying I would now, but it would be very nice to be able to get up in the mornings and have somewhere else to go other than my desk. I’m sure I’ll regret saying that if we ever do go back and there’s 9am’s, but right now I miss being able to walk to uni and see people on campus. I even miss lectures, not this weird online uni where no one can figure it out (can anyone actually successfully screen share because my lecturers are struggling).

Oh to be back here 🙁

We can’t just go home

For lots of people, going home once or twice a term helps their sanity. I don’t know many people who don’t go home for a few days mid-term because they need to be fed their parents food and not listen to rave music from a neighbouring house. COVID putting a stop to that completely is super rude. The risk to spread it home is hard to overcome, but the government basically banning it makes it even worse. You always want what you can’t have.

Now our friends are unreachable, thanks

Whether your friends are from your course, your societies, or you sport, I’m sure you don’t live with all of them in one big house (though that is the dream). They’ll be all over the place, but in normal circumstances that’s fun and exciting. A new house to party in! But now, COVID has killed off reunions and pub trips. We may as well be locked in at home again with the never-ending Zoom quizzes.

So close but yet so far

We can’t go out out anymore

This one is painfully obvious. No nights out. Like at all. Fuck you COVID.

Imagine having a quadvod right now omg

You’ve made Final Year harder than necessary

I know it’s hard for everyone this year and it’s not a competition about which year has it worse, but oh boy, final years. Imagine having your last year at uni, the last year of being a student, trapped inside with online lectures. No nights out. No hanging with friends. Literally nothing. Graduation? I don’t know her.

So, COVID, haven’t you ruined enough?

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