UoL students give their opinions on digital learning

‘Basically, f**k the timetables’

With the release of the greatly anticipated UoL timetables in a Covid-19 world on Wednesday (finally), there has been much debate on whether or not Liverpool students are getting their money’s worth.

As well as all students of all years alike are finding the lack of information frustrating, especially first-years who are still trying to settle in.

In light of JMU and Hope unis making the decision to go completely online and the sudden rise in cases in Liverpool, little face to face teaching was expected. However, how are students feeling now they know exactly what’s in store for semester one? From a call to reduce fees to an agreement that the rules are a necessity, we asked some Liverpool University students for their thoughts and annoyances at the new timetables.

Abby, Communications and Media with Politics, third year

“Basically, f**k the timetables.

“Not enough teaching time to start with, don’t know how I’m supposed to learn much when one of my modules has a total of 4 seminars for the entire semester? Absolutely warped.

“Also I have a mix of online and in-person, one of my online ones is back to back with an in-person, so I have to find somewhere private to actually watch the online one, close enough to where the face to face on is so I’m not late.”

Ceri, Politics and Communications, first year

“From what I can gather I think we have our seminars in person so that’s not too bad, in terms of lectures the zoom ones are very odd (had one today and it was just everyone zooming in on people and sending it to the gc).

“They also shut down our banter by disabling the chat! But it was still pretty decent to get the chance to ask things 1-1 but deffo not nine grand’s worth!”

Millie, Psychology, third year

 “It’s insane to pay £9k for limited resources… it’s making me feel like the uni isn’t on my side.

“On my course, a lot is research methods based (stats and statistics etc), and I’m finding these parts that I previously found difficult even more tricky to understand without a lecturer there to help me. I feel there is an overall lack of support.”

Overall it would be more than fair to say students feel let down by the new timetables and there’s general confusion over how we are supposedly getting our money’s worth from a Zoom-taught education. Despite all this, rumours are starting to spread that this isn’t even the final version of our timetable, with such short notice it is incredibly hard to keep track of where we stand.

With a call to reduce fees and the possibilities of a further lockdown in Liverpool in the weeks to come, it will be more than interesting to see what happens next with Liverpool Uni’s online learning!

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