We asked UoL students for their biggest regrets during Fresher’s

Hindsight truly is a wonderful thing

Some things at uni are guaranteed to happen: You’ll become more independent, you’ll try to make smarter financial moves, and you’ll probably make an absolute tit of yourself on a weekly basis. These are the groundings of the character building that tends to happen over your years of studying, and some are more welcome than others.

Not a single Fresher starts uni with the dream of shagging their flatmate, vomming on a bouncer, or living off kebabs for a year. Clearly, and probably with the help of our beloved quadvods, something goes terribly terribly wrong and somehow this could’ve been avoided.

For all the excited, optimistic Freshers who cringe at the thought of embarrassing themselves in Concert Square, here’s some of the regrets our second and third-year students have to hopefully guide you on the right course.

Shagging flatmates early on in the year

Just don’t. Seems funny at the time or maybe you really fancy them, but 9/10 times this just doesn’t end well. The awkward atmosphere, the avoiding eye contacts – is the three minutes really worth it?

“It makes it dead awkward for the whole year, especially when their new boyfriend stares you down constantly” – Evan, second year, politics.

“One of my biggest regrets is sleeping with my flatmate in the first week…I ended up avoiding the kitchen because I was so embarrassed” – Connor, second year, law.


Being an annoying, rude housemate

Your residence team and your house will despise you for being that student who sets off the fire alarm at 5am.

“I once got back to halls at like 5am, put a lasagna in the oven but then fell asleep and didn’t set an alarm. The fire alarm went off, the whole house was smoky and the campus security had to come over after calling the fire brigade only to find out there wasn’t a fire. Campus security hated me for the whole year and never responded to any maintenance issues and charged me for a new key card when those are meant to be free. Don’t piss off security.” Rachel, third-year, English.

Not learning to cook

“I regret not learning to cook before uni because it’s actually pretty embarrassing when your flatmate is practically Gordon Ramsay and you’re sat eating spaghetti hoops for the third night running” – Dan, second year, history.

Learn to cook before moving, even if it is just pesto pasta. Burning basic sausage rolls or relying on ready meals isn’t an edgy personality trait, it’s just plain lazy.

Not saying yes

“Don’t be afraid to go out with people outside of your comfort zone… or something to that effect” – Tim, third year, politics and economics.

Poetically phrased, this is probably the biggest advice to Freshers. Uni is full of new opportunities and experiences so you may as well get your £9K worth and make the most of it.

Not realising societies are CV builders

“When it comes to applying for jobs in final year, most places care more about the extra circular stuff you did and how that relates to jobs. I didn’t join any because I had a decent social life in halls but kinda regretting that now my CV is so dull.” Tom, third year, economics.

Working too hard in first year

First year doesn’t count for a reason. It’s the year you’re meant to be a bit lost now you’re probably living alone, the year you begin to quote books you’ve never read, and the year you realise how little money you have. It’s tough, but it doesn’t count- so this is the year to make the mistakes.

“I spent every day in First Year in the SJ and got constant firsts, barely went out to focus on work, then hit a wall in second year and did it the wrong way round. Went off the rails in second year, failed, and had to re-sit. Would not recommend, and wish I did first year like most my mates did.” Janine, second-year, computer science.

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